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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Discovery Space Center. The Awesome Five Day Mission. The Imaginarium.

Rick Patterson talks to the Discovery Space Center team and campers before lunch at Canyon Grove Academy in Pleasant Grove. They are neck deep in a biological space themed mystery.  Rick is the director of the DSC. This is the center's second five day camp of the 2016 summer season. The first was a tremendous success. This has been equally so.  

Finding well qualified staff is not a problem at the DSC, especially for the overnight camps.  Here you see a small handful of their outstanding interns and staff. Some are in character costumes and others in the DSC's standard issue uniform.  

And here they are again in a lighter moment of frivolity.  Some of you in the Voyager Club may recognized Carter, a fellow Voyager cadet, in the crowd.  Carter is an intern at the DSC. I'm told he reached the dizzying heights of level Tier 2 during today's activities. 

 Carter is game for anything, even playing a seriously ill member of the Everest crew.  The campers discovered a real nasty bug in their interstellar travels. The bug entered the ship and is causing mayhem.  I believe Carter's poor handwashing skills led to his infection and demise.  

Carter wasn't alone. Sharing the same infection is Elliott, another DSC intern. Jake is the ship's doctor.  He is willing to treat them, but first must fill out the proper health forms in triplicate.  Are you a betting reader?  What will happen first, the two ill crewmen will die before the paperwork is finalized or after? Either way, they look like gonners to me.

Rick shot this video of one of their crew debates. Sorry that it will appear sideways, but that is how it uploaded to Youtube.

There are still summer camps available at the Discovery Space Center. What are you waiting for?

The Imaginarium

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