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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Star Trek Beyond Starts Tonight! Simulator Centered YMCA Camps a Huge Success in Pittsburgh. The Imaginarium.

 Star Trek Beyond Launches Tonight

Hello Space Fans!
     I have to admit I'm excited for the new Star Trek film launching tonight from theaters nationwide. I didn't think I'd be, but they say time heals all and time is exactly what I needed to get over the ridiculousness of the last movie.  Besides, 2016 is the year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the classic Star Trek series I knew as a boy; so according to my diehard fan contract signed when I was eight years old, I'm required to be excited. And excited I shall be.

     My friends and family know I'm not a "Trekkie" or "Trekker" in the classic sense. I don't own a Starfleet uniform. I don't have the episodes memorized. I don't even know the actor's real names who played many of the major roles. What does make me an unusual and devoted fan are the simulators my team and I created at the Space Center - all based in the Star Trek universe. 
     Gene Roddenberry's creative genius and the Starship Enterprise and crew he imagineered was my Harry Potter and Hogwarts back in the day. The vision Roddenberry shared through his stories rang true to me. He believed mankind could and would solve their societal issues. He envisioned a united human species venturing out into space to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no one (always PC) has gone before. He preached a science fiction gospel opposite to the doom and gloom of nuclear holocaust, alien domination,and zombie infestation so prevalent on the silver screens.  Roddenberry was a visionary, and we have the opportunity to gather again to enjoy another film in the franchize he created.

I'm told there are a few things about this movie which honors the original 1960's series.

1.  The story isn't about space battles; it's about exploration.  
2.  The story is an endorsement of 1960's liberalism.  Once again affirming a world where human differences have been resolved and people work together in peace. 
3.  The film tries to reflect the diversity pioneered in the original series. In the 1960's Star Trek there was a black communications officer, a Russian navigator, a Japanese helmsman, and a Scottish engineer (which nearly pushed the diversity concept beyond the plausible!).
4.  The film is about legacies. It was written by two avid Star Trek fans who pay homage to the original cast from 50 years ago in various scenes in the film.

     So, strap on your phaser and tricorder, practice your Vulcan salute, review your Klingon language basics, and squeeze into your spandex Starfleet uniform. It is time to attend your nearest Cathedral of All Things Possible and worship at the altar of great science fiction. Save the front row, end seat for me. My bladder isn't what it use to be.

Mr. Williamson       

Dream Flight Adventures:  YMCA Camps a Huge Success in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

     This just in from Admiral Huckleberry—YMCA Dream Flight Camp completed at Harrison Middle School:
     From July 5th-July 8th the YMCA partnered with Dream Flight Adventures in the IKS Highlander in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to create 4 of the coolest field trips EVER! Over the course of the week, 120 kids from ages 5-14 were inducted into the ranks of the “Infinity Knights”. They flew 3 different missions that matched the theme of camp that week, all while under the watchful eye of Admiral Huckleberry and the on board computer.
     Our Camp Voyager flew Contaminant on Tuesday, where they learned all about the ecosystem and the damage pollution does to the environment.

     Camps Western and Elroy both shrunk to the size of a blood cell on Wednesday and flew Pandemic. In this mission they worked to fight ancient bacteria and learn all about the different organ systems in the Human Body.

     On Thursday and Friday, Camp Cloverleaf fought off the dastardly Orion Pirates in Succession, where they learned to work together as a crew to accomplish to goal of saving the Oracle of Delphi and bringing Peace to the Universe!

     At the end of every mission, the hardest part, was trying to get the campers to leave. We always had a couple stragglers begging to stay and come back the next day. Even our 5 and 6 year olds had no problem adapting to the technology, and if there was ever an issue, one of the older kids from the crew would rush over and work with the younger Infinity Knight to get all emergencies solved!

     FROM THE YMCA: “We couldn’t be more thrilled that we were able to have this partnership with Dream Flight, and can't wait till we are able to return! I have never seen the kids, or even the Staff, so excited after a trip. Thank you Dream Flight Adventures for truly inspiring our kids to think and dream!”

The Imaginarium

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