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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Residents From The Gone Boldly Assisted Living Center for Retired Space Center Staff See Star Trek Beyond in Costume! Theater Imaginarium.

Patients from the Gone Boldly Home for Retired Space Center Staff at the Theater. I'm happy to report they were reliable. No issues were reported by the cleaning staff.

Disclaimer: The Troubadour brings you news from all the Space Centers inspired by the original USS Voyager. Trust our news to be fair, impartial, at times confusing, and nearly accurate. We like to season our offerings with a spray of imagination to give it just the right flavor for tired eyes.
     Senior Flight Directors, staff, and abnormally long term volunteers whose service to the Space Center during my tenure as director was labeled exemplary, are eligible for post Space Center service care in The Gone Boldly Treatment Center for Retired Space Center Staff.  GBTC offers both outpatient and inpatient care. Residential services are reserved for those who find themselves confused, bewildered, challenged by reality, and most importantly - unreliable in the bathroom (brought on by holding it too long during prolonged battle scenes or elongated, multi character narratives - where the flight director engages in conversations with himself as another character; which introduces us to another common Flight Director malady - schizophrenia).

The Gone Boldly Treatment Center for Retired Space Center Staff.
It is a color picture, the place is just sort of gloomy year round

     Several of my dearest Space Center comrades currently in GBTC residential treatment got a special treat last night. With the permission of their therapists, and a sincere promise to be good - despite past experiences where that promise was broken - they were released on their own recognizance to attend the new Star Trek Beyond motion picture.  You may recognize some of them in this photo taken at the theater  

     Todd Rasband with his date Isis Stormwalker, Skyler and Emily Paxman, BJ Warner,  Jacqueline and Bradyn Lystrup were photographed at the theater last night.  Had a member of the GBTC staff been with them, they would not have been photographed in front of that particular display.
     Understand proper dress is not an issue with these "once trusted with your children" former staff members. They notified the staff they would be going to the movie in fancy dress.  The van driver alerted us to the fact that their costumes didn't compliment a Star Trek film. It was a battle we didn't want to fight so we let it go. 
     It had been a long day dealing with a disturbing incident in the cafeteria. Long term care patient Mark Daymont, already unsettled by finding bananas in his jello, dropped his mental mooring and slipped into his Chief Okinawa character to confronted David Kyle Herring over the last serving of lasagna.  Kyle Herring abruptly stepped aside to let his engineering character, James Carvell, emerge from years of psychiatric insulation and repression. It was the battle of Space Center engineering characters.  Food ended up everywhere. The cafeteria manager pushed the red button. The home went into red alert. Straps were applied and calming medication administered.  It was one of those days.
BJ and a poster man
      BJ did very well considering. His only issue was confusing a poster character with someone real. He kept asking the posterman if he could have his picture taken with him. After being ignored for the fifth time, BJ filled the theater lobby with words so vulgar, a nearby construction worker was seen to blush.  "Take the picture!" BJ ordered after Bradyn explained in terms he could understand that the posterman was just that, a poster.  Out of embarrassment, BJ hid his face behind his miniature shield until the movie started.    

     Skyler Paxman, married to Flight Director Emily Paxman, played along with them.  He was never a flight director nor is a patient of the GBTC. Being a dutiful husband, he supports his wife's treatment every way he can, no matter the cost to his wallet or pride. 
     I'm happy to report the patients returned to the Home happy and well entertained. It was a grand adventure for all concerned.  
     If you're ever in the area, please stop by the Gone Boldly Treatment Center for Retired Space Center Staff and visit those flight directors who worked so hard to entertain and teach you. They love seeing their former campers. They love even more visitors patient enough to sit through hours of stories of missions long gone. You may even see some of them flying the new Voyager at Renaissance Academy in Lehi. I'm arranging work release for those eligible for extended release. Won't it be something to see them in the flight director's chair again?  Don't worry, they will come properly sedated.  

Mr. Williamson  

They Did it at the Last Star Trek Film, and the One Before That!

Ben Murdock with Morgan Mitchell. Jacqueline and Bradyn Lystrup. May 2013.

And with Spencer Dauwalder at the first Star Trek Film in 2009  

Theater Imaginarium

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