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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Hours Volunteered Database for the Space Center's Retired Staff and Volunteers: 1985 to 2012. Are You in the Database? Read and See. The Imaginarium.

Before I started The Troubadour, the Space Center used a YahooGroup called SpaceEdVentures.  The SpaceEdVentures YahooGroup was created in March of 2000.  The Troubadour blog took its place in 2008.  From time to time I like to repost interesting posts from the YahooGroup. 

SpaceEdVentures has several databases.  One of the most interesting is Memory Hall. Memory Hall is a record of many of the old volunteers and staff who worked on a regular basis from the mid 1980's to 2012.  If you've been with the Space Center for a number of years, and started before 2012, you may find your name listed in the database. 

The database shows when the volunteer started and retired. Back in the day, volunteers and staff could officially retire when they knew they couldn't volunteer or work any longer; however, most of the time the staff and volunteers just stopped coming. It's not that they  intended to stop. Usually they just got busy and one thing led to another, and the Space Center was out of their active life - meaning they never officially retired, they just went "inactive".   

In the database you'll see a fairly accurate accounting of Overnight Camp and Private Mission volunteer hours. You'll notice that the earliest staff and volunteers from the 1980's to the early 1990's show no hours. They were the first generation staff. I failed to track their hours.  My bad....

Why do some people have a "Joined Staff" date before the Space Center opened in 1990? Remember, before I created the Space Center I ran starship simulations in my classroom and the school's gym. I needed a staff for those as well!     

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Memory Hall Volunteer and Staff Database.  1980's to 2012
I can edit this database if you see an error and would like it corrected.  
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