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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Nine Young Officers Missing! What Has Happened to the Phoenix Whites? Time Traveller Photographed. How Many Flight Directors Does the Galileo Need? Theater Imaginarium.

A Federation family gathered around their ACME subspace radio receiver waiting for news of the Phoenix White Squadron
     Anxious families around the world wait to hear the fate of the brave men and women of the Phoenix White Squadron.  The Phoenix Whites were in command of the USS Magellan based at Christa McAuliffe Starbase in orbit of PG Central Prime.  The photo below was the last message received from the Squadron by the Federation's expansive subspace communications network. Attached to the photo were these words written by Nathan Brand, Commander: "About to take on the Dominion terrorists. I'm confident in my team's abilities. We are ready for whatever the Dominion has to throw at us.  They'll pay for their cowardly attacks on our Starbases."
The Last Photo of the Phoenix White Squadron on the USS Magellan
     The Federation's listening post at Meridian Delta reports hearing what could be described as a distress signal from an unidentified female voice. The word "Magellan" and "Help" were the only words understood.  The Federation Passenger Ship Starbound reports seeing several bright flashes of light in the direction of the Magellan's last known location.  
     This assignment was the fifth and last round of the Phoenix White Squadron's year long mission. 
Search vessels have been dispatched, although their whereabouts are currently unknown. It is feared the Magellan was unsuccessful in stopping the terrorist incursion. If this is true, the freedom of the Federation is in jeopardy.  
     The Troubadour will keep you updated on all developments.

Mason, a Gallifreyan Time Lord?

     Mason has been a regular volunteer at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center for over a year. He is known as a young man of many hats, literally.  What you may not know about Mason is his unusual watch collection. Yesterday I found him wearing a new three dialed technologically wonder in orange.  He was reluctant to let me examine it.  He was even more reluctant when I pressed him to produce his emergency standby instrument I knew he kept hidden out of public view in his shoulder pack.  

     Referring to the new orange device; upon close examination, even your basic horologist recognizes the dial displaying 24 hour time.  But what is one to conclude of the other two faces?  What distant world's rotation do they measure? Perhaps another planet's time is only one possibility; could they be showing duel times on this planet?  Perhaps our Mason keeps time in the present, while tracking appointments scheduled for rendezvous in centuries past and future? If so, where is our disguised Gallifreyan Time Lord's Tardis? One may speculate the old Voyager would be a good hiding place for such a vessel. This could also give reason for Mason's regular appearances at the Space Center.  Enquiring minds wonder.  
     May I suggest those with an adventuring spirit keep a close eye on this mild mannered, unassuming volunteer.  There are questions requiring answers.  

Mr. Williamson  

How Many Flight Directors Does the Galileo Need?

Erin, Brylee, and Devon Triple Teaming on the Galileo
     There's an old Polish joke that goes "How many Polaks does it take to screw in a lightbulb? The answer is three; one to hold the bulb and two to turn the chair.  
     With that as a reference, I ask.  "How many flight directors does the Galileo need?" Apparently the answer is three. One to run the mission and two to offer encouragement and support from the sidelines. 
     Maybe I'm reading the situation incorrectly. Perhaps Brylee and Devon are there to evaluate Erin. There are rumors her flight directing is unusual - teetering toward the unorthodox. Her Galileo and Magellan crew are having too much fun!  
     There is one other distant possibility for sighting three flight directors in a control room. They could be herding for training purposes; although that explanation bores the casual reader. I'll go for the one of the first two imaginings.  

Mr. W.

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