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Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Voyager Club's Lion Squadron, Bruised, Battered, and Missing... The Last Video Footage from the Lion Squadron. Jon is Confused. The Time Lords. Theater Imaginarium.

The last received photo of the Lion Squadron. Sloppy First Aid indicates injuries exceeding Sick Bay's tolerances.  Notice one bandage tourniquet used for two crewmen's injuries.  The photo's tint hints of fire on the bridge

     The Troubadour's reporter at Starfleet reports another Voyager Club squadron went missing on Saturday in the line of duty.  The Lion Squadron, investigating the terrorist attack on Starbase 10, last reported they were in pursuit of the terrorist and taking heavy fire.  As to why the crew would gather for a photo on the Magellan's bridge in the heat of battle either shows an acknowledgement of the inevitable or a complete loss of Captain Alex's marbles.

     This photo shows the Lion Squadron at red alert.  Commander Orion is seen at the Chief of Ops station eavesdropping on the conversation Lt. Dakota is having with confused folks in control of the ship's oxygen generators; which, like the CO2 scrubbers, have a hairline tolerance for vibrations, brownouts, or changes in air pressure - all of which are the results of battle. Orion was listed as the Magellan's sensors officer.  The sensors station is in the photo's forefront.  
     While many officers have pictures of their families in their work areas, Orion chooses to display a photo of his pet something or another.  The creature appears mammalian, but as to its planet of origin, your guess is as good as any.       
     Starfleet Command's Deep Space Communications Network triangulated on a faint signal emanating from the USS Magellan's last reported location. The signal required several boosters to download and three levels of command clearances before it was released to the concerned public. That last video from the Lion Squadron on the USS Magellan is here for your careful examination.

     The Phoenix White and Lion Squadrons are officially listed as missing in action. Candlelight vigils are being organized along with remembrances of the crews.

Jon Parker's Understandable Confusion 

     Jon Parker, Space Center Assistant Director, is confused and is asking the many Troubadours out there who may understand the publishing world for help.  This is one of the many textbooks required for Jon's coursework at Utah Valley State University.  Please make note the book's title, then find the book's author's listed at the top of the front cover.  Then, look back at the title.  Notice something odd?  Now you understand the look on Jon's face.  
     This university thing is a challenge for most young adults, but why complicated things more than they already are with curriculum written by people who had nothing to do with its writing?  Jon plans to take them matter up with his advisor. If satisfaction isn't given, he will take it to the university president and demand an answer. Jon is unforgiving in matters such as these.  

The Time Lords Synchronize their Instruments to Coordinated Universal Time    

     Gallifreyans Ian and Mason were kindly toward my request to demonstrated the workings of their time displacing, universal timepieces. Not only do the instruments show the time of upcoming events spanning several millennia, but also keeps them  in constant remote contact with their tardis - secretly sequestered in the old Voyager's crew quarters.  
     My request for passage on their next adventure was met with the usual "No" followed by, "We don't take passenger requests unless the applicant is a SHE, and that certain SHE must be able to cook, converse freely about multiple topics of a timeless nature, and display a fearlessness above and beyond her gender."

Sunday's Theater Imaginarium  
     The Best Vidlets of the week, assiduously edited for gentler audiences, minors, and those who are Terminally Offended

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