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Friday, September 16, 2016

The Weekend Imaginarium. Unusually Large for Those Whose Imaginations Match Their Appetites.

Hello Troops,
     It has been a busy week which is why this is the first post since last Sunday.  School is keeping me eleven hours a day busy. The couch and my new 70 inch hyperreality TV with dazzling black and luxurious colors tempts me with its Siren song as soon as I walk in the door.  I stand near the pool table confused. I could turn right toward the computer and type up a Troubadour post.... or ..... I could turn left and escape into a coma inducing surround sound widescreen adventure brought to me by Vicks Vaporub or Nexium - The Purple Pill.
     And now you see the difficult choices I face.  Truth be told, after managing 75 math students and 60 history students I end the day looking for someone to entertain and educate me.  
     Fantastic things are happening in the Space Centers communities, so be patient and enjoy this unusually generous Imaginarium and I'll type up all the news on Saturday to satisfy your need to know.
Mr. W. 

Let's Start the Weekend with an Avalanche of Imagination   

A New Idea for a Calendar

A Nifty Apartment for One



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