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Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Voyager Club's Tiger Squadron Missing in Action. The Last Transmission. Meet the New Volunteers. Theater Imaginarium

The Last Transmission From Tiger Squadron....

Tiger Squadron's Last Updated Ship Transmission

     The void of space can be unforgiving.  If the vacuum doesn't suck your last breath away, Earth's enemies will surely try.  This fact was once again brought home on Saturday with the reported loss of the Voyager Club's Tiger Squadron on the USS Magellan - the newly christened Ghost Ship.  Tears will wet the pillows of their remaining loved ones as they remember their fallen heros, lost in defense of home and family.
     The Long Duration Mission of 2015-16 has been one for the records with disappearances and casualties.  So many of Starfleet's best have fallen to Dominion spawned terror.  Earth survives thanks to their bravery, skills, and dedication to the principles which took us into space so many decades ago. 
     Did the Tiger Squadron succeed?  Has the terror stopped?  I'm happy to report the President is save.  Earth is safe. The threat is gone. It took their all, but they did succeed.  In their memory, The Troubadour salutes the Tiger Squadron. May they find peace in the space they loved.

Missing in Action

Hunter: Captain
Andrew: First Officer / Security
Lizzy: Sensors
Alex: Damage Control
Spencer: Tactical
Nathaniel: Communications

The Last Transmission From the Magellan's Bridge Security Cameras      


The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center Welcomes Two New Volunteers

       Space Center Assistant Director Jon Parker, representing Space Center Director Mr. James Porter, officially welcomed two new volunteers to the Space Center's every growing student volunteer organization on Saturday.  Jon truly enjoys this part of his job.  "I truly enjoy this part of my job," he said as he extended his hand in welcoming these two outstanding young people into the Space Center organization.  The official handshake and the bestowing of the black shirt are decades old traditions at the Space Center. 
      "I remember the day I got my black shirt and hand shake," Mr. Parker remembered. "If I remember correctly, there were strange lights seen in the night sky, as if space itself knew something momentous had happened."
     "And bigger than normal solar flares," Mr. Williamson added.  A "Gosh Jeepers" was overheard from the assembled black shirts gathered for the handshaking event.         

     This is Jeffery. He is twelve years old and attends Lehi Junior High. Saturday was his first day as a volunteer having successfully completed his required observations and paid respectful homage before the Voyager Mausoleum's sealed entrance.   

     Meet Victoria.  Victoria is seventeen years old and attends Freedom Academy in Provo. Mr. Parker was amazed when he realized the similarity in names between the new volunteer Victoria and the Space Center's founder, Victor Williamson.  "Victor and Victoria. Could it be? I thought those two names were long out of use. Now, in this very hallway, there is a Victor and a Victoria.  It's like a paradox or something."
     Mason, the Space Center's resident Time Lord, was on hand to stamp Time's official blessing to Victoria's assumption of the title "Volunteer".  Who that is emerging from the old Briefing Room is unknown; perhaps the grown up ghost of the young apparition Mr. Porter met so many years ago in the school's kindergarten hallway on that dark and stormy night. 

Imaginarium Theater

The Best Vidlets of the week, assiduously edited for gentler audiences, minors, and those who are Terminally Offended

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