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Monday, December 14, 2009

Kevin Roberts, The Space Center's Newest Flight Director

Hello Troops,
Congratulations are in order for a certain Kevin Roberts, a long time Space Center volunteer. Kevin was presented his Flight Director shirt during our post camp meeting on Saturday by Megan Warner - Set Director for the Phoenix. Kevin trained in the Phoenix for quite some time before formally putting his name forward for test missions.

Becoming a Flight Director is real challenge. It can be a lengthy, involved process that starts by becoming a volunteer. You must be a good volunteer, someone that demonstrates a commitment to the Center. We look for students that can multitask, are good actors, and can ad lib a part quickly when called upon. Kevin had these qualities and the experience necessary to attempt his climb up the mountain to the dizzying heights of Flight Directing. He presented himself to Megan and asked if she would be willing to accept him into training. She agreed. The last step of the process is getting my permission to train as a Flight Director.

Training involves multiple volunteer missions in the ship where you’re seeking your pass. Your trainer will begin by making sure you understand the equipment. As time passes you’ll be given the microphone to flight direct small portions of the mission. Over time those few minutes stretch into half hours, then hours and finally we see how you handle yourself with a full private mission.

Once you’ve proven you can handle a private mission I set up test missions for you using our frequent flyers or Central volunteers. You do test mission after test mission until your performance is perfected to the point the simulator’s Set Director proclaims you passed.

Kevin finished his formal training last Thursday by passing off his test mission.

Welcome to our Flight Director’s Guild Kevin!

Mr. Williamson
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