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Friday, December 11, 2009

The New Galileo's Maiden Overnight Camp

Hello Troops,
Well, after a year in design, development and construction, the new Galileo is running its first Overnight Camp at this very minute in the cafeteria.  We attempted to run its first private mission on Tuesday but it turned out to be a disaster.  There were so many bugs in every system the mission didn't get off the ground.  It was all good though because we made a detailed list of everything that went wrong.  We've been working through that list all week. Tonight the new Galileo attempts another launch into space.

It's 9:37 P.M. on Friday.  The Overnight is full swing in all our ships.  I'm going to away from my desk for a moment and go to the cafeteria to check on the new Galileo's mission.  I'll be right back with a full report.......

Galileo Update:  9:43 P.M. December 11, 2009
     Our new Galileo appears to be a power hog.  Kyle reports the a circuit breaker was tripped when they tried to use the air compressor (regulates the compressed air for the ship's upper and lower hatch) and the smoke machine.  I found them restarting the ship.  It was funny because our Programming Guild is the crew for this test mission.  Stacy told them she'd send in a programmer to get their computers up and running inside the ship.  Matt reminder her that the ship was full of programmers!

     Their core computer is too slow.  It's an older tower Mac.  Alex came in and picked up one of our spare Mac Mini's.  We'll swap the computers to see if we can't speed things up.  One of the ship's two air conditioners isn't putting out cold air.  It appears we will be making a trip to Home Depot to purchase another air conditioner - in December!

It's 9:51 P.M.  I'll take a moment to get a picture or two for you.  Stand by......

Sorry for the blurred images.  Don't know what's wrong with my camera and I'm too tired to figure it out.

We are hosting students from Mountainville Academy and Wasatch Elementary tonight.  OK, I'll post more as developments occur.

Mr. Williamson
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