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Friday, November 19, 2010

I've a Bone to Pick with Harry Potter

"Read All About It, Potter Fans Bring American Industry and Schools to a Halt. Millions Lost in Poor Productivity. Magicians Nationwide Fear Backlash"

Hello Troops,
It has come to my attention that several, and I mean several, volunteers and staff of the Space Center stayed up until the wee early hours of this morning in a darkened theater watching the latest installment of Harry Potter and Gang.

The consequences are obvious. They will arrive at school and work is a semi conscious state and stumble their way through the day. This will make for a very unhappy bossman who will not hesitate to muster my muggle powers of speech to keep you alert and on task.

So, a warning to my Potthead staff. We will be watching you....... Stay on the ball......

And, on a lighter note to try to bring some cheer to this threatening post, how about a bit of fun from Friday's Imaginarium:

Check Mate. Gruesome, but necessary.

The Cloud Factory
From our series of "Where do Things Come From".

And from our Series of "Thinking Out of the Box"
The Imaginarium's Traffic Signals

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