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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Starting Thursday Right at the Imaginarium

And now the answer to the question that has haunted you your whole life. Where do Gummy Bears Come From?

Gummy Bears live in Broccoli Trees found only in the wilds of Wonderland's Dark Forest. They are captured by net, jelled, packaged and delivered to your favorite convenience or grocery store for your enjoyment.

Drats, The Imaginarium's "Imagine That" (our equivalent of your Walkers or 7-11) Hyper Slushey Machine is down and I don't have time Yesterday to pick one up. I'll have to make do with a Diet Coke.

OK, this is what I call the coolest bedroom I've ever seen. This is Imagination at its finest. What do you think!?

Have a Great Day,
Mr. W.
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