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Sunday, November 28, 2010

I've Shoveled Too Much Today. Time for a Few Laughs.

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Hello Troops!

The snow and cold came so fast last night I couldn't keep up with the shoveling, let alone keep track of company. No one noticed Great Uncle Wally was missing until this morning. One of these days Pleasant Grove will have a sewer system, then tragedies like this will never happen again. A sad chapter in our Williamson family history, and what a way to go. Shall we move on?

I'm at my computer. Just finished a Cloverdale Post (stop by and give it a read if you have a minute. The village is all dressed up for Christmas and waiting for shoppers.

What about this snow? I'm sick of shoveling. That's the bad thing about living across from a chapel with three wards. I need to keep the sidewalk clear so someone doesn't have a nasty Sabbath fall. Isn't there some kind of Jewish law about how many steps you can take on the Sabbath day? If so, then I it be enforced on snowy days so we can all stay home and I don't feel so obligated to be out at the crack of dawn to clear my sidewalks before the 9:00 A.M. ward meets. Blah........

How about a few items from the Imaginarium to finish this short but sweet post (yesterday's post was mammoth so I deserve a break today).

Picture 1.
Ever drive over one of these and think you'll suddenly get a burst of speed? My Mario Kart friends out there are all giving me long distant high fives for this one!

Picture 2
Now this is a washing label that finally makes sense. What the heck are all those symbols? Let's see, I'll need to do a Google search and pull up a photo of the Rosetta Stone so I can decipher the hieroglyphics. (Pause while I do my research).

OK, I've reviewed the latest research on ancient Egyptian and am ready to deliver my translation.
  • Take this garment and wash it with no more than 40 other Clothes.
  • Do not place it on a pyramid to dry because that's just stupid.
  • The garment is to be put on with one arm up and then over the head.
  • It is for People, not Animals.
  • Do not put in the dryer.
  • And be careful with the negative charge this garment will develop if you roll around on the floor. It could deliver a fatal static charge if you touch something metal.
What do you think? Not bad for someone with a South Dakota education. Right?

Picture 3

Coming up next on the evolutionary scale - Flying Sharks! So much for being at the top of the food chain. We enjoyed it while it lasted.

Picture 4

The seating chart for my family's Thanksgiving Dinner. (Click to Enlarge)

Picture 5
This from the Department of Cool Bedrooms. Talk about being born with a silver spoon in your mouth. On the other hand, these poor boys may have one of those super clean freak moms. Regardless, wouldn't the Space Center be the coolest place in the world if we had real dorms for our campers that looked like this? Somebody please make it happen. All it takes is money.

The government is printing money as fast as the trees can be cut down to make the paper, so where is my share? There must be something in one of these stimulus spending bills for a Space Education Center / Camp.

I demand a Bail Out! Wait. The Space Center is solvent so it doesn't need a bail out. We spend only what we have. Shocker isn't it? That's what's called financial responsibility.

I demand Hand Out! Yes, that's the ticket :)

Picture 5
I went to see Harry Potter over the break. Loved it. The imagination it took to write the books and make the films is a true testament to the wonders of the human mind. Now I wouldn't recommend you do this except to your own bathroom. But here's an idea that could make you a lot of money. Make a nice old fashioned wooden or metal sign with a painted hand pointing downward saying the same thing and sell it during the Christmas Season. Every Potter fan would buy one and hang it over their bathroom toilets. Do it quickly before someone else does.

And finally, for all the Harry Potter fans that work, volunteer and attend the Space Center. This last picture is for you.

Keep your imagination alive and well. Dream Big then go out and Do!

Mr. Williamson
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