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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Two Items for your Consideration

The Lesson is in the packaging. (Click to enlarge, then read. That's an Order).
Haven't I always said, always start with the easiest solution when facing a problem. Things can get complicated quickly if you let them. Yes, I'm talking OUT OF CONTROL. Don't let it happen.
Remember, Keep it Simple.......

Oh, and one other thing. A new appointment you should all be aware of:

Bracken Funk is hereby appointed the Space Center's Grammar Nazi. Sheeez..... He was all over me yesterday for a few minor grammatical and spelling errors made in my last post.

Now Have a Great Day and I'll see many of you soon in the Trenches. Our battle against ignorance, apathy and imaginationdepleatsheitus continues.

We will fight. We will Never Surrender.

Mr. W.
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