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Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday, the Short Week!

Hello Troops,
It's Monday. Its a short week with good eats at the caboose. How about a few thoughts to start the week off right?

Back Then and Today.
Get it?

OK, this is what we do with all those Little Caesar's boxes the staff accumulate
during the course of an Overnight Camp. We create a new alien race - the L'Samarcaesarians.

Who are they and What are They Doing Here?
The Space Center, Home for a wide variety of Juvenile Delinquent's :)
Fancy meeting one of them in a darkened Central School Hallway?

And my last Comment.
Common Sense. So rare these days It's become a Super Power!
Do I hear a few Amen's on this from the Peanut Gallery?

Mr. W.
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