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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Old Geezers in Space!

The Youngest of the Magellan Participants.
Oxygen was Supplied and a defibrillator was on hand

An email from Sheila Powell, a Space Center Educator who recently brought a group of old friends from her university days to the Center for a mission. This is her evaluation of the experience

Mr. W.

Hello Victor,

I mentioned this morning how much fun my group had on our Magellan mission 10/30/10, but wanted to put it in writing for the records. We had a blast...our group was a 'hippe generation' (My Westminster College graduating class recently reconnected all through Facebook)...and they all were leery of this "space center" I was telling them about. We all took a chance on a Magellan mission...we were flying a short handed crew of 9...and we had so much fun! My Alumni buddies had no clue (they all live in SL county) that such a treasure lurked in PG/Central Elementary.

Mark and His crew flew a fabulous mission, and warned us that the 5th grade aliens could be quite smug about putting down an mission of old geezers like us...We would be a snap to befuddle, confuse, lure, and con with the end result of dishing up a big serving of failure.
But our team prevailed...a few tough moments... Our Ambassador refused to allow torture of the Orion pirates...told security to play elevator music or Barry Manilow music to get information out of them instead.

We did succeed with the mission...and had a great debriefing at Chili's after the mission. Our Group is united and is determined to repeat the mission again...and our mission will be to wipe the smug smiles off the 5th grade Orion pirates!! We may be older and a bit slower...but we have life experience and treachery up our sleeves. (insert ship 'Red Alert' sound here).

Our group is throwing down the gauntlet...bring it on 5th graders..we'll be better prepared for you next time!!

Let the games begin.

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