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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hello Troops,
We had a good return to work yesterday. There were no turkey hangovers and the kids from Greenwood Elementary School did a fantastic job with "A Cry from the Dark". A special thanks to Kyle Herring, Gordan and Alex for a quick, expedited Phoenix chair repair over the holiday. The floor had to be pulled up and the chair welded and attached to the cement.

The December volunteering and working list is posted. That was my major accomplishment yesterday. We have a pool of fantastic volunteers living along the Wasatch Front and I'm grateful for the time and effort they put into volunteering. The volunteers are the live blood of the Center.

A couple pictures for today.

If it was only that easy

It all starts with Imagination. I've preached it my whole life and will never stop.

And Finally, My Picture of the Day. How Awesome is This!
Bet Mom wasn't too happy about it.

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