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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Portugal, For all Those that Don't Know Geography.
Yea, Its in Europe.
Good Grief.....

Hello Troops,
Three more "Cry from the Dark's" yesterday. The Ferengi character is hard on my voice. You know the one, "You're a lier and a poor one at that!" Yea, now you remember :) Towards the end of the mission the ship flies past a star with companion black hole connected by a swirl of star matter. One boy from Greenwood Elementary said loud enough to hear "That looks like Portugal!"
Jon and I got a kick out of that one. Talk about random. I've since looked at the shot repeatedly and have come to the conclusion that the boy has no clue what Portugal looks like, or where it is on the globe.

It's always satisfying to hear the comments from the kids before, during and after our missions. They really are, for the most part, blown away by the whole thing. I must hear the word "Sick" used a least a dozen or more times a day, along with dozens of other adjectives kids use these days to describe awesomeness.

And on today's menu, missions and more missions. And for dessert, more missions. All in a day's work at the Space Center.

Finally, a few things to ponder as you start (or end) your day.

And where are you in this diagram?

Great Idea. Can we include obnoxious campers and students?

It speaks for itself.

This is so true. Every month I buy dozens of pens for our pen box at the Space Center. By the end of every month most are gone. Nobody knows where they went - they're just gone. I'm talking hundreds of pens not just a few dozen. Gone. It is the biggest unsolved mystery at the Center.
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