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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Wednesday.

Hello Troops,
Its Wednesday! Big groups today. We will crank up the Galileo and have double class sessions.

We had a great time with the kids from Bluffdale Elementary yesterday. Emily was overheard saying her captain in the Phoenix was so awesome she'd fly missions for him for free. Those of us who flight direct know how important it is to have a good captain to lead the crew.

A few things to get this Wednesday off to a good start.

I had to include this considering I teach one period of math everyday before the field trips arrive.

This made me smile. This store is where I'd like to buy my groceries. I'm thinking the store would be called something like "Edibles". Your thoughts?

And finally, a sobering thought. Look at the graph. Look how close we are to building computers with the same, if not greater, computing power than the human brain. Yes, Ghost in the Shell for sure. Will we reach a point in the next 50 years when start considering our powerful computers as new life forms?

Mr. W.

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