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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gravity Kills and North Korea. Random Thoughts for a Thursday.

Gravity Kills!

Let the Space Center be the first to point out that Gravity Kills! Beware of its awesome power. Respect it and learn to coexist with one of nature's forces.

Most people get up every morning never thinking a silent killer lurks around them. One misstep, one slip, one sideways glance on a flight of stairs can lead to disaster. Gravity is no respecter of persons. It pulls on all of us equally.

As a Space Center Staff, we want to bring all of our reader's attention to this matter and urge you to "Think Gravity".

The "I COULDN'T RESIST" Department

May I present North Korea's Facebook page.
This is another example of what happens when people hang up their brains, put on their sheep jackets and replace bravery, reason and logic with fear. The Germans did it, the Russians did it and the list of other examples would fill this post.

Will Americans ever find themselves in such a situation?

OK, your Civics lesson for today. America's Freedom is protected by:

Backed by...
And finally, guaranteed by :) (some family's Christmas card. I love it)

Now if you'll bear with me for a moment while I climb up on my soap box. I'd like to say a few words about the three pictures above. And remember, these are my opinions only, and isn't it wonderful that I live in a country that guarantees my right to say them?

I spent nearly two months in Communist Russia, East Germany and Poland. I understand and know the game when I see it. I know what happens when the Cult of Personality overwhelms people. I understand all too well what happens when history is sanitized and sculpted to hide the truths certain people think would be distracting, thus taking their followers away from the their purpose - complete and blind obedience.

Always question. Always seek the truth. And beware of anyone that tells you such things are best left to those that understand. The hard truths are always the ones hidden the deepest.

Now, go take on the day.

Mr. W.
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