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Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Monday and If I'm Not Smiling Soon I'm Going Back to Bed!

Hello Troops,
It's Monday. That means we all need a few smiles to fuel our emotional gas tank for the start of the week. Here are a few. We start at the top with the perfect gift for the techno's in your family.

I thought this was clever. Why not make several of these and spread them around your school to spread a bit of holiday cheer. See how many tabs are left by the end of the day. Let me know.

Are you watching the news? Students in England are rioting over governmental budget cuts meaning they will have to spend a little more on their university educations. Banish the thought!

Wow, these people living in Europe's semisocialist nations that have been feed with the silver spoon of state welfare are in for the shock of their lives when they see what personal responsibility feels like. All I've got to say is "Man Up", get off the streets, get a job and stop expecting the government to do everything for you. (My soap box moment for the day. Forgive me).

Finally a gift for that 'special' clean freak in your life.

I've finally found a flag for that empty flag pole near the school's south entrance.
"Abandon all Hope All Ye Who Enter Here". After all, aren't we the headquarters of the dreaded Orion Pirates? Isn't Mad Dog seen here at least twice a week parading himself as a meek mild mannered employee of a school's district's technology department?

Have a Great Week and I'll see you in the Trenches.

Mr. W.
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