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Monday, March 7, 2011

The EdVentures Starts Anew

Hello Troops,
It's Monday morning here in Pleasant Grove and time to start another week of EdVentures at the Space Education Center. There are about one gazillion kids anxiously waiting their turn at the what many call "The Best Field Trip in Utah". Our staff had their mandatory one day off for R and R and are already up and about, getting ready for the excitement.

I enjoyed Sunday's rain and the cooler temperatures. I enjoyed it even more when I remembered the oven we call July and August. Let's enjoy each day of this transition to summer. And speaking of summer, have you enrolled in one of our summer camps yet? If not, then get with it. We're working on new missions we're sure you'll enjoy.

OK, time for a few things from the Imaginarium, then I'll hit the road and trek to the Center.

I found this for all our 'green' Space Center campers, staff and volunteers. Save the environment and purchase a bamboo keyboard and mouse.

Chess Wars! It was a bloody day on the battle field. The King was cornered with no hope for rescue.
A good thought with one caution. Careful not to 'waste' too much of it. Remember what I always say, "Some of us have to work for a living?" and "Time is money". And yes, you'll fire back with "You're only young once."

True. So true.

Meanwhile, back in Libya........

Have a great day Troops and I'll see many of you in the trenches.

Mr. Williamson
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