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Monday, March 21, 2011

Thank you for the Recent Emails.

Hello Troops,
Two recent emails to the Space Center staff, demonstrating once again how awesome they really are (in case you doubted).
Mr. Williamson

First a poem written by Nathan R. to the Space Center staff.
Thanks Nathan!

Mr. W
This is Dedicated to You and the Space Center Staff.

I imagine the stars, going by so fast.
I look back through the mission, remember the past.
Through space, and the planets, the fun, and the strife.
I remember the coolest, best thing, in my life!

I imagine the people behind the wall,
Who worked so hard to do it all.
I wish, and I hope, and I dream, and I pray,
That I could be one of them someday.

Nathan R

Lieutenant Junior Grade

Christa Mcaullife Space Education Center

(Coolest Place On And Off Planet Earth!)

And another email from Deven:
It's Deven again, if you remember me. I recently went on the Voyager with friends and it has been the best experience by far. The flight director Emily did an excellent job and the rest of the crew did not cause trouble. (Other than what they were suppossed to do, but I quickly took care of them. I was security.) Anyway, the only thing I found lacking was how long it took to train the Security position. It didn't cause a problem but we were still on our tour while the missioin had started. My suggestion is you re-record the tapes so they play a little faster. However I do realize that children do this and that is why they are so slow. Perhaps you could make a second set of tracks. However, you guys did excellent as always. I am planning on doing another mission in April, we don't have a time set yet but we plan on a five hour mission this time to compare how the longer time goes to the shorter time. It will also be my last chance to do it before I leave on my Mission in South Carolina for two years. Keep up the good work. I'll be sure to let you know how it went. Please tell Emily and her crew they did an excellent job. Many times praise is seen by the higher ups and doesn't get passed down to the people we are thanking.

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