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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Blues

Hello Troops,
Just about to get ready for an appointment I've dreaded for two weeks. At 8:00 A.M. my path will cross paths with "The Dentist!" (lights darken in your room accompanied by the sound of a distant drill and screaming).

A piece of one of my top molars broke off during an overnight camp a month ago. I was eating an ice cream sandwich of all things. The thought crossed my mind to charge my two dentist visits, along with the soon to be fitted crown, to workmen's comp - considering my misfortune occurred while I was at work. While a nice thought, reason tells me the ploy won't work. Soon I'll feel lighter when walking because several hundred dollars will be missing from my wallet.

I've have my fair share of crowns and one more is just par for the course. What I don't like is that first shot of Novocaine my dentist takes great delight in giving me to start every procedure. In fact I've had to stop him on several occasions from giving me one just to take xrays of my teeth! Then there was the time he was having a bad day and chose to use his drill instead of floss to clean my teeth. I stopped him. We talked for awhile. He calmed down. It seemed a three year old had his way with him in a previous appointment.

Our awesome daytime staff will get the field trip started without me. I should be at work before the mission actually begins. I'm wondering how I'll sound over the Voyager's sound system with half a paralyzed mouth?! Who knows, it could be the best Paklid I've every played.

Well, to get the day started right, let's have a few items from the Imaginarium.

This just in. Another sighting of Fred Flintstone near Utah Lake

Ever feel like this when an upcoming test forces you to study?

And finally. A new book in the Media Center. Generally light reading for your third grader.

Wish me Luck with the Butcher of Orem....... It's time.................

Mr. W
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