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Monday, March 14, 2011

Feedback from a Phoenix Mission

Hello Troops,
This came in today's email. Congratulations to Saturday's Phoenix staff. Awesome job. This is what we do and we see that the staff of the Phoenix do it very well indeed.

Mr. W.

Hey Mr. Williamson!
I just wanted to email you to send our thanks to the Space Center staff. Me and 5 buddies did a 5-hour Phoenix mission today, and it rocked!!! It was Dark Origins. It was Mr. Daymont and a dude named Nate, I think, that directed the mission. Anyhow, it was awesome!! The mission was a rollicking success, and we all greatly enjoyed it. So again, thanks so much for an awesome time. We'll definitely be back in the next few months for some more quality Space Center awesomeness.
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