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Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Monday

Hello Troops,
Yes, it is our Monday in the Alpine School District. School is closed for the day giving the Space Education Center one of its few two day weekends. These are cherished Mondays, valued by most and worshiped by few.

I confess I stopped at the Center this morning to finish writing the Voyager simulator's new summer camp story. I'm waiting for an inspired title to drop into my head from some sublime outside source - but nothing so far. I'll let you know should a revelation makes itself apparent.
Until then we shall call it "2011".

Would you like to know the plot? Well, the story begins with a prison escape from a maximum security prison on Telosian Prime. And that's all you're going to get from me. My lips and fingers are sealed. If you want to know more, sign up for a camp. There are no freebies on The Troubadour. The other simulator's camp stories are coming along fine. All five will give our summer campers several hours of fun and excitement.

I'm wrapping up my writing for the day. Supper is almost ready and StarGate will be on soon. Time to relax and let someone else entertain me for a change. Until me meet again, how about a few thoughts from the Imaginarium?

I remember as a kid how disappointed I was never to have had my tonsils removed - I wanted to live on ice cream for days on end. Even today I feel slightly robbed of one of life's transitional moments.

The greatest wizards in literature commemorated in stamps. The British Post Office should be commended. Well done.

Sad, isn't it?

The World needs more people like this. This is true community spirit. This is the difference between just praying for those in need and doing something about it. If it needs doing, then do it. Put your faith into action.


I once had a very homely history professor. He looked like he'd just stepped off a farm of Dakota inbreds. My attitude changed halfway through the first class. His other qualities of humor, attitude, warmth and humanism overshadowed his appearance. He became my favorite college professor. I learned history from him in a way I'd not experience before, and on the side picked up an important lesson about life, never judge a book by its cover (by the way, he had the hottest wife of any professor on campus - not kidding).

I'm thinking of using these leaves around my name on my business cards. Everyone will think I'm smart.

I'll see you all in the Trenches,

Mr. W.
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