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Monday, March 7, 2011

Space Center Honors.

Hello Troops,
We've had a few recognitions recently that I'd like to post so everyone can celebrate the good things that happen here at the Space Center.

This is Mr. Daymont. He likes soda. He likes soda so much that one is never enough. In this picture you see him reaching for my soda.
"Want!" he said with hand outstretched.
"No. One is enough," I answered as I snapped the picture. What followed wasn't pretty. He doesn't take kindly to "No". Especially if it involves a sugary snack.

Mark is one of our special Flight Directors. The Home brings him by so he can watch and clap for us in the corner of the Magellan Control Room. He is our number one fan and a real lover of "Space Trek" (we tried to teach him to say "Star Trek" but he'll have none of it).

Occasionally Mr. Daymont has a bad day. It happens when his oatmeal at the Home isn't prepared properly. Instead of putting two teaspoons of sugar on his Quaker Oats, the cafeteria ladies give him one. Such a slight causes him to go mad. That's when the Home calls and asks if we would like to tend him for a few hours while they clean oatmeal from the walls and sheets of his room.

If you see Mark on your next visit to the Center, be sure to stop and thank him for his support and enthusiastic clapping. Be sure to hid all sweets before approaching. He has a keen sense of smell and can sniff out a carbohydrate from ten feet.

This is a picture of Natalie, Christine and Mark. Christine is giving us the thumbs up. She and Natalie just finished cleaning Mark's face. Someone stupidly gave him a handful of M and M's for an especially enthusiastic clap when the staff took the Magellan Bridge as Orion Pirates. Luckily he didn't mess up his Space Center shirt.

We're celebrating the February birthdays in this picture. We celebrate staff birthdays at the end of every month. The reasoning is sound. Mrs. Houston only has to bake one cake. We save money on candles. Then there's the singing of "Happy Birthday to You". If you've ever head the staff sing then you'd be grateful we only sing once a month. Anything more might cause a visit from the United Nation's Human Rights Commission. Then there is the problem of birds dropping dead from the sky around the school. Our singing is a real nasty business.

This is Mrs. Houston, a Space Center educator. She looks a bit disheveled because of the singing moments earlier. I'm still gritting my teeth. Not to worry, my jaw relaxes before I'm needed to run the next mission.

And now the recognitions. Miranda was awarded her Year of Service Pin. She's still shivering form the singing fifteen minutes earlier (and I'm still gritting my teeth).

Miranda is receiving her Odyssey Pin from Emily. Great job Miranda. Emily on the other hand, received a warning for wearing long johns under her Space Center shirt. She complains about the cold, but is that any excuse for punishing us with protruding long johns?

This is Bro. Alex congratulating Jorden on receiving his Phoenix Pin. Jorden is actually taller than Bro. Alex, but because of Bro. Alex's temperament, Jorden must stoop down to keep his head lower than Bro. Alex's.

You're asking about Bro. Alex's smile? Alex is preparing for missionary service. We've been working with him on his people skills. That smile is the result of three months work. Do you like it?

This is Jace. Jace was awarded his Voyager Pin on this particular camp. Jace has been working on his Voyager pass since the 5th grade. It was a joy to finally get to give him is pin, especially considering he's an 8th grader now at PG Junior (my jaw is beginning to relax).

Thanks to our Awesome Staff and Volunteers. Now I get to take Mark back to the Home. He's still in the Magellan Control Room clapping for a mission that ended 45 minutes ago.

Mr. W.
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