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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1st.

Hello Troops,
February is in the rear view mirror and that's where I'm happy to leave it. I'm looking forward to warmer weather and better behaved snow. This is the time of year when snow generally favors the mountains and not the valleys, which makes me happy. This is the time of the year when snow starts to fill our streams and lakes. That makes me happy. This is the time of year when snow falls nicely through the air giving everyone that "It's snowing" rush but disappears upon contact with my driveway. That makes me happy. Yes, this month will give us a better behaved snow.

We had a great time hosting 70 plus students from Goshen yesterday. They did well in the ships and were outstanding in the classroom.

How about a few smiles to start the month?

Perhaps your idea of a perfect school lunch? This is what's on today's lunch menu in the Imaginarium's Cafeteria. All of this at 100 calories.

Coat hangers for Imagineers. The perfect gift.

One of Norman Rockwell's famous paintings from Life Magazine.

And another version from the Imaginarium's Museum of Modified Art.

And from the "Isn't that True" Department.

And now a Scene from the next James Bond 007 Film.

And from "The Stuff No One Told You Department"

A Thought from our "Stuff you Won't Hear in Church This Sunday" Department.

And our Everyday Blues

I'd love a poster like this to recruit new volunteers. Imagine seeing something like this in your school's hallway.

Have a Great March and I'll see you in the Trenches.

Mr. W.
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