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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Discovery Space Center Brings Summer Salvation! Space News. The Imaginarium.

Your Thought of the Day

Today's Question:
What was More Entertaining at the Orem Family Festival Parade,  the Discovery Space Center's Floatlite or the Discovery Space Center Staff? 

Spectators viewing the Orem Family Festival's Saturday evening parade left the celebration debating what was more entertaining, the Discovery Space Center floatlite or the Discovery Space Center Staff. 

Once again the Discovery Space Center took the good news of  Space Center to the people in an old time parade revival.  A message of deliverance from summer boredom was preached and leaflets distributed to those gathered roadside.  

"Are YOU looking for summer SALVATION?" Brother BJ shouted from atop the shuttle. "Are YOU happy with the DIRECTION your summer is going?"

"Tell us what to do!" a woman with a gaggle of unruly children shouted from the curb, the youngest strained on his toddlerleash.  

"The Discovery Space Center offers SANCTUARY to lost and bored," Skyler exhorted.  " Join us and find THE WAY!"

"Hallelujah!" another woman exclaimed while taking several flyers from one of the passing staff.  "How much just to leave them in orbit?"  

Watch for the Discovery Space Center's travelling summer revival coming to a parade hear you. 

The Discovery Space Center Revival Team.  Brother Skyler is Calling You Forward.

Brother Brandon (in preacher white) Joins the call for summer salvation

The DSC Mobile Fighter

Brother Brandon and Deacon Conner Survey the congregation

Those already saved from summer boredom.  Will you join them?  
Space News:  50 Years Ago
By Mark Daymont
From his blog: Spacerubble

"On June 16, 1963 the Soviet Union became the first country to send a woman pilot into orbit. Valentina Tereshkova also became the first civilian in space. Once again the Soviets raced ahead in the Cold War Space Race of the 1960's."  Read More

"Fifty Years ago, the Soviet Union launched Vostok 5 on a mission that would attempt a rendezvous with another Soviet spacecraft, putting America farther back in the Cold War Space Race."

Update on the Current Chinese Shenzhou Mission

The cosmonaut in the picture is Valery Bykovsky.

"Three space programs worked to make two important dockings with two different stations in orbit of the Earth. The Chinese Space Agency has docked Shenzhou 10 to Tiangong 1, and the European Apace Agency has worked with Russian Space and NASA to dock the ATV-4 to the ISS."

The Imaginarium
Finding the ordinary and transmorphing it into something extraordinary

This store wants you to come back. Creativity A 

Step 2:  Take over the world.

Your brain on drugs

The revolution has started

Smart Cars are for poor parallel parkers.

Slightly past its sell by date

An Honest Store

Found inside a book at the bookstore

If fear has a face

Cardboard maze: a summer project.

1 comment: said...

It was so awesome!

I think it was an hour or two before the parade started...

The shuttle 'flew' past my house where we were selling sno-cones and stuff during the Summerfest!

I screamed and shouted and thrust my fist into the air as it 'flew' by!

It really made my day.

Signed: Anon Y Mouse