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Friday, June 7, 2013

Farpoint's Creative Team. Roger Lindley Helps Former Space Center Director. New Farpoint Cadets. DSC Gets Desk. Ms.Warner and her Red Rose. The Imaginarium.

Farpoint's Creative Team at Work

Tomorrow morning, Farpoint's creative team will meet again in my new classroom at Renaissance Academy.  You know we're a dedicated lot when we're willing to forgo sleep to meet at 8:00 A.M.
Last week's meeting focused on the simulator stations.  We discussed the shape and design of the simulators, the individual computer stations and did a bit of serious imagineering on a possible turbolift elevator-like device to transport our guests from simulator to simulator, and from engineering to sick bay and to the public corridor linking the outside world of Lehi Utah to the Farpoint Station orbiting planet Kepler 62e, six hundred light years away (wow, what a sentence).

Brent did a presentation on on Farpoint's communication system.  He took my initial thoughts on the station's functionalily and, using his superior intelligence (he makes the rest of us feel like hampsters running on a stationary wheel), fleshed the concept out.  Farpoint's stations will not be easy to operate.  I'm insisting on real science in their design and function, and using science fiction when necessary to complement for the future and light year distances.

Tomorrow's discussions will center on the remaining simulator stations we didn't get to last week.  We've invited our young cadets from the programming class to listen in if they arrive early.  Designing a futuristic starship, its controls and the universe it operates in is not easy work if you want it done right and as realistic as possible.

One of the reasons I post links to space and science news on The Troubadour is to share my research with you.  Please take time to read the news section, then put yourself in my place and try to imagine how I might take that information and use in as I imagine the Universe of Farpoint.

Mr. W.

Roger with Cart outside Renaissance Academy.
The last load of my life's work waiting in the back of his pickup truck

Retired Central School Custodian Resurfaces to Debunk Rumors of his Demise.

Roger Lindley, former custodian extraordinaire of Central Elementary School, was called back into active duty on Thursday, faithfully responding to the 'reactivation' clause of his Space Center Contract.  Unbeknown to most, anyone who ever volunteered or worked at the Space Center at Central can be reactivated at any time to active duty.  This clause is implied as a term of volunteering and / or employment.  Roger was surprised to learn about the clause when I talked to him at my retirement open house.
"I can be WHAT?" he bellowed.
"You can be reactivated to active duty when the need arises," I answered as I watched him enjoy one  of the delicious cinnamon rolls.
Roger looked confused.  "I wasn't a Space Center employee, I was Central's custodian.  How can I be reactivated?"
"Ah, but the Space Center is part of Central."  He surrendered the point and accepted his fate.
"What do you need?"
"I need your help to move all my stuff from Central to Renaissance.  You've got a truck."  I offered him another cinnamon roll to sweeten the deal.  He agreed.

Just like the trooper he is, Roger shown up on Thursday to help me move 30 years worth of stuff from my home to Renaissance Academy.  My classroom is on the school's second floor, that means we got to use the elevator; how cool is that?  If anything, working in a school with an elevator was well worth the move.  Put me in any environment with buttons and you've lost me for hours, and an elevator has buttons.  Let me predict the future - the school's director will restrict me to two elevator trips per day after the first two days of school (maybe even sooner when I start pushing the alarm button).

There's something even cooler, my classroom is called the London Room.  Almost everyone who knows me knows that I'm an honest to goodness Anglophile.  I go absolutely potty over all things British.  You know I'm going to have some fun with this.  I think I'll covert my classroom door into a replica of the Doctor's Tardis.


Then a good old fashioned English call box in one of the classroom's corners.  A good place to put a misbehaving child.

Special Announcement.  Three Farpoint Cadets Complete Their Mission Observations.  Exclusive Photos of Their First Missions as Volunteers.   

The Farpoint Cadet Club is please to announce that three of our cadets have completed their mission observations and are now eligible to volunteer at the CMSEC and the Discovery Space Center.

Meet Orion (Cool name for a Farpoint Cadet).

Meet Michael (Standing in the Galileo's doorway)

Meet Bryan (at Discovery)

Let's get to know our Farpoint Cadets.  Memorize their faces and greet them by name the next time you see them.  

Visit  for information on how you too can become a Farpoint Cadet.

Space Center Director Receives a Red Rose.  Rumors Running Rampant Throughout Space Center Community. 


Pictured above is Megan Warner, the new Space Center Director.  Megan is seen enjoying her new office, having successfully disposed of the former Space Center dictator is a bloodless, cordial, and surprising friendly Coup d'├ętat.  General Williamson was ceremoniously sent into retirement, where he enjoys his days on his hillside deck overlooking the beautiful and picturesque Murdock Canal and Utah Valley.    
Our Troubadour reporter noticed something on Ms. Warner's desk, a beautiful red rose with card.  When questioned, Ms. Warner turned as red as the rose and insisted the rose was a loving gift from her brother BJ, who happens to be the new director of the Discovery Space Center (it makes you wonder just who the Warners really are.  What kind of connections does this family have?)

The reporter focused in on the single rose and snapped the photo above.  Could the note be written by her brother?  Possibly, or is there something Ms. Warner is not sharing with her staff, volunteers, friends, family and admirers?

The Troubadour will stay on this story until the truth is revealed.

Breaking News:  The Discovery Space Center Has a New Reception Desk  

The Troubadour is the first to bring you this breaking news.

The Discovery Space Center has a new reception desk.  Skyler Carr, asst. director, is seen enjoying the new desk and providing engaging conversation while Jon Parker and Bradyn Lystrup experience a good lean.  Everyone knows that a good reception desk provides visitors amble room for a good lean AND intelligent conversation with a charming receptionist. Discovery met both requirements with this new desk.  Be sure to stop by and have a lean of your own, Skyler will engage you in excellent conversation, and be sure to book a mission or two before leaving (no charge for leaning if you book at private mission, otherwise the learning only charge is $5.00 per hour.  $10.00 per hour if you want conversation).

The Imaginarium
Make the ordinary, extraordinary (I think I met this requirement with the stories above).

A Bedroom You'll Never Want to Leave
An Olympic Sport I'd Pay Good Money to See

Those Germans

 IBM's Brilliantly Creative Billboards with Purpose

Shall we let the customers decide that?

What's the purpose?

According to these instructions, you must first stand and stare before drying your hands


A student's math book creation

R2D2 has hit rock bottom and needs an intervention

I guess it works, if you use your imagination

Pray these two never darken your classroom's door

I'd get off on the next stop if I were you


SomeSillyStaff said...

lol, the "Reserve Activation Clause" is on the back of the volunteer card in small font, it reads: "Warning: The use of this card reaffirms your acceptance of the Reserve Activation Clause. By joining the forces of the CMSEC you give up any rights to a normal life. And in the event of your retirement from the CMSEC, we reserve the right to call you back to duty for any reason. Just a warning... And yes we have done it before to several retired staff members."
I always thought that was just a joke! XD

Anonymous said...

The reactivation clause even works if you're dead.