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Monday, June 10, 2013

New Web Site To UnConfused the Confused. The DroolaThon Begins. Another Chinese Manned Rocket Launch. The Imaginarium

Hello Troops,
Two Space Education Centers, with another soon to be built, has been a source of confusion for many people.  They don't know which is which.  They don't know who offers what.  They wish someone would take a few minutes and make it easier to understand.  I'm that someone, and I've taken several hours to create a new web site that should help alleviate the confusion. Welcome to the new

Mr. W.

Space and Science News 

Update on Spacerubble about new Chinese Mission

"China is preparing for another manned mission that could launch any day now. The Shenzhou 10 spacecraft, on its Long March 2F rocket, is poised on the pad for a trip to the Tiangong 1 space station module."  Read More

Lazy Space and Science News   

Source: Fake

The Imginarium
Where logical minds are turned loose to dream the impossible

Today's DroolaThon Begins Now!

The world's most expensive mobile home has gone on sale in Dubai for £2 million, or $3.1 million at today's conversion rates, The Daily Mail reports.
The humongous, 40-foot-long eleMMent Palazzo from Austrian company Marchi Mobile is covered with gold and comes with a ton of luxury features, including a 40-inch flat screen, a pop-up cocktail lounge, a fireplace, a master bedroom, and underfloor heating.
The moving mansion can even clean itself.
"... the vehicle has been a hit among oil-rich Arab Sheikhs - the state-of-the-art homes even wash themselves after a day's driving through the Middle Eastern desert," the Daily Mail reports.
But the amazing vehicle could also cater to any multi-millionaire or global superstar on the road. It's also available in white (shown here).

And Now, More to Imagine

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