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Monday, June 3, 2013

The Last Day of School, Pictures / Video - Shelley and Central Elementary Schools. The Space Center's First Staff Meeting

Hello Troops,
Yesterday I wrote about the last FULL day of school for the 2012/13 school year.  Today I'd like to write about my official last day of school as an Alpine School District employee.  For a reason I doubt anyone but those in the ivory tower understand, we only have 90 minutes of school on the last school day.

My day started where it has for the past 15 years, standing at the crosswalk on 400 East Street, Pleasant Grove.  That's right, every morning for 15 years I've stood in the street, ready to throw myself into the path of an oncoming car to spare the lives of our walking to school students.  Luckily, I've never had to put myself between a car and a student, but I've had my share of close calls.  You'd think I'd be easy to spot, a fairly large blimp shaped person wearing a hunter orange vest with arms stretched menacingly out, but that wasn't always the case.

To my relief, my off and on street companion (most call her the crazy lady) wasn't out and about on Thursday.  My prayers were answered; I got to spend my last day as a crossing guard in peace - no blaring music, no tyraids against the system, no sermons on the moon and Greek Mythology and no reams of papers festooned with her philosophy and art.  After 30 years, Margarete and I were at the end of a long road.

I first met Margarete in the Spring of 1984.  One late Spring afternoon, wearing a pink ballerina costume and waving a toilet plunger as a wand, she burst into my classroom while my students were taking their end of year tests singing, "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to work we go....."  She danced around the room tapping the students on the head with her 'wand'.  I went after her once I pulled my chin off the floor.  I pushed the "call office" button to tell the secretary I had a ballerina with a plunger in my room who needed removing.  That spooked her.  She knew the police would be called.  She blew me a kiss and left my classroom.   That incident was the first of many.  It has made for a very interesting three decades.

With camera in hand, I greeted my students on the crosswalk and escorted them one last time across the street to school.  

The bell rang at 9:00 A.M. School started and my time on 400 East was finished.

Check:  Last time working as a crossing guard at Central.    COMPLETED

I had just enough time to jump into the Battlestar and drive to Shelley Elementary School to perform my last Loading Zone Supervisor duty.  Shelley Elementary started at 8:00 A.M.  Their going home for the summer bell was scheduled to ring at 9:30 A.M.

With camera at the ready, I waited for the final bell.  I wanted to video Shelley principal's last bell.  Mrs. Crandall was retiring this year also.   Watch the video.....

Shelley Elementary's two awesome secretaries

Mrs. Crandall.  Principal.  Retiring after 31 years in education.

Shelley's crossing guard.  Look at the line of cars waiting to turn into the loading zone to pick up their kids!  It was like this every day!

Check:  Last time working as a Loading Zone Guard at Shelley.    COMPLETED

I said my last goodbyes and drove straight back to Central for the 10:30 A.M. dismissal.  I had to be in position for my last bell.  With camera in hand, I stood outside Mr. Randall's room (rm. 120) and waited for the bell.  I had to be standing outside room 20.  You'll find out way by watching the video.

That was it, my time at Central was nearly over.  We had our final, end of year, staff luncheon.  I got to say a few things about Central school's history.  I wanted the teacher's to think about all the students and teachers who walked those halls over all those years.

Turning in my end of year check list and surrendering my keys were the last two things I had to do.  

Here you see Dr. Carter accepting my check list.  Ben has my keys.  Notice the broad and sincere smiles.  Hummmmm, I wonder why  :)

Check List turned in.  My Central Binder found by Jon.  Vicki happy.  Ben has my keys.  Ben is happy.  Check Out.....    COMPLETED

Perhaps the best secretary in the district;  Kathy at her desk at Central.  I'll always appreciate the sympathetic ear and kind words Kathy had for me during this year's rough times.  She organized my retirement open house.  She took care of the Space Center for many years.  I'll miss Kathy.

I walked out of the office, turned left and walked down Central's main hallway one last time as an employee.  Megan had my camera to video my final exit onto the parking lot and freedom.

And the last two photos as I drove away.....

A few hours later, I was back!

Megan called a staff meeting last Thursday evening.  It was the first official gathering of the new Space Center's recently hired staff.  Megan had a laundry list of things to discuss (the can dos and the can't dos and the better nots and the you'd better watch outs and the don't even think about its and the get out of jail free cards etc. etc. etc).  I went back to the school at 7:30 P.M. to record the event for The Troubadour.

The new staff of The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center

Here is a video of the new staff finding their way to the Discovery Room.  Can you tell they are happy to be back to work at the Space Center?  

What an interesting group....

Megan was kind enough to provide tacos for everyone

Much to Aleta's joy....

And so ended my final day as an employee of the Alpine School District.

The End.

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Jaleta Clegg said...

It never fails - any photos of me at an event with food are of me eating. Even when I'm trying to hide from the camera, it finds me. I really don't eat all the time. Promise.

And yes, we are very happy to be back at work. I'm very happy to be out of the kitchen!