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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

One of Our Own Celebrates A Major Achievement. Where We Actually Live in the Galaxy. Superman Featurette. The Imaginarium

Hello Troops,
I've just receive great news from one of the Space Center's former outstanding volunteers.  Lorry Perry volunteer for several years in the 1990's.  She was a superb actress with a blood curdling scream guaranteed to freak out even the toughest of campers.  She now works at the Lawrenceville School, a private boarding school in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.  Lorry fondly remembers her days at the Space Center.  It was one of the reasons behind her decision to pursue a career in education.

Lorry is on the left

I've posted the article below.  As a side note,  the Lawrenceville School operates just like Hogwarts.
Students are classified as Day students (live in the area and go home after school) or Boarders (students who live at the school in Houses).  Lorry is the Housemaster of Reynolds House.
English Master Lorry Perry has been appointed the Chair of the English Department for the upcoming school year. Perry will work with faculty and students in the coming years to improve curricula and guide the entire department in a single direction. She stated, “I’m excited to get to know the English Department better by serving them well and helping to support their goals.”
Inside and outside of the classroom, Perry is respected by her students and fellow faculty members alike. In addition to teaching, she serves as Housemaster of Reynolds and as a V Form Advisor, having formerly served as both Assistant Housemaster and Housemaster of Kennedy. Her students and advisees describe her in countless different ways, yet the consistent description is as one of the best teachers they have had.
English Fellow William Stone ’08, a colleague of Perry’s, noted, “Both as a mentor and as a friend, Ms. Perry is tough, warm, and, most importantly, honest. I think she [will] be great as department head not because she has a vision for where she wants the department to end up that accords with my own, but rather because she has what I consider to be a healthy vision for how the department should function.”
Nandini Singh ’15 said, “No other teacher has influenced my time at Lawrenceville as much as Ms. Perry has. She’s always there for me whenever I need someone to talk to or to lean on, and if I have something that’s bothering me, she’s the first person I go to for help.”
One of Perry’s former students, former Lawrence Opinions Editor Oliver Preston ’12 explained, “At Lawrenceville I took one class with Ms. Perry: American Lit. It was the spring of my junior year. We read Hawthorne and Faulkner and Cather, and then that was it– I never saw her in the classroom again. But the brevity of this encounter didn’t end up mattering all that much. Somehow – I’m not sure how – Ms. Perry crept into my life and stayed there. Soon I couldn’t remember what things were like before I knew her. There’s a whole host of possible reasons for this, and Bananagrams probably ranks chief among them. A more important reason, however, might be the unavoidable directness with which Ms. Perry approaches teaching, relationships, and life itself. If you write a terrible paper on The Scarlet Letter, this can mean direct criticism and maybe a D-. But if you ever sit around her Harkness table playing Bananagrams on a rainy day, you’ll see that it can result in direct learning and direct friendship. It is this no-nonsense directness, I think, that makes Ms. Perry such a wonderful teacher and will no doubt make her an excellent Chair of the Department.”
Another alumnus and Class of 2012 Valedictorian, Sung Won Chang ’12, added, “I believe the term “mentor” encompasses more than an instructor of an academic discipline who simply imparts knowledge; a mentor inspires one to reach greater heights. As my II Form English Master, 2-year Academic Advisor and Housemaster, she not only helped me refine my writing skills and appreciate the subtleties of the English language but also motivated me and other students to develop into more responsible members of the community. In this regard, she is a true mentor.”
Gus Berrizbeitia ’13, also Perry’s former student, perhaps summed her up best, professing, “It’s hard to do my feelings about Ms. Perry justice. I have known her for four years now, as a teacher and then a Housemaster and now as just a close friend. My relationship with her escapes conventional classification; as an example, whenever I email my parents, Gmail suggests that I copy Ms. Perry on the email. Perhaps Ms. Perry’s most important contribution to my development was broadening my sensibilities, kind of fine tuning me to what’s great and what’s small and everything in between in every field, from how I read literature to how I conduct my human relationships. Most importantly, she has been singular in developing my abilities of self-reflection, in self-knowing, in self-honesty. Without her I would’ve surely drowned in all the rougher and coarser parts of my personality without being able to see all that’s great and good about the world and my place in it. Anyone who is developing needs someone who can hold up that light for them.”  
Congratulations Lorry on your achievements.  You've made is all proud.

Mr. W.

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