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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Discovery Space Center Launches Groilla Into Space. Evidence of Multiple Universes. The Imaginarium

Pleasant Grove's Discovery Space Center Launches Gorilla Into Space at Cedar Hills Parade

Today, the Discovery Space Center did something never done in Space Center history - they participated in a parade.  For years, the staff of Central Elementary's Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center joked about dragging the Galileo down the street in one of our local community's summer parades.  Another idea was to cut a window in the side of the ship and sell sno-cones, cotton candy and hot dogs to parade attendees.  We never took the ideas seriously, considering most of them were dreamt up at the end of a long 48 hour camp by a staff ...
1).  Half delirious from a lack of sleep and
2).  Wanting to push Kyle's buttons to see him get all worked up.  Kyle took offense over any
      Galileo bashing.
It sure was fun to think to make fun of our little runt of a ship.

The Discovery Space Center entered their floatlite in the Cedar Hills Parade (I didn't even know Cedar Hills had a parade).   Why is there a Gorilla riding the shuttle and wearing one of the simulator's uniforms?  You wonder a good question.  I suppose to attract attention, which it did because I'm writing about it right now, aren't I?  


BJ Warner, Director of the Discovery Space Center is seen with a water bottle.  His assistant 
has one of the simulator's phasers set to kill (lucky he's one of the galaxy's worst shots).

Randy Bott (owner of the Discovery Space Center) is on his cell phone getting final clearance from 
NASA to launch the Discovery.  That looks like Josh Anderson performing the final inspection.

Now this is interesting, accompanying the Discovery floatlite was this little pyramid / space ship built on a 4 wheeler.  We will call it the minifloatlite a miniture Goa'uld spaceship from the StarGate Universe.

What's a parade without the supersoakers?

Riding in the back of the jeep towing the floatlite were two small, well trained younglings, assigned to soak anyone not paying proper respect to the floatlite, and mothers carrying small children.

The Discovery Space Center's Floatlite leaving the Discovery Space Center for the 
long trip to Deerfield Elementary and the start of the parade.

Congratulations to the Discovery Space Center (and they tell me we've not seen anything yet!)

Mr. W.

Space and Science News

Do We Live in a Multiverse?  Is Our Universe Just One of an Infinite Number of Universes?  New Evidence for This Theory.  Perhaps There is a Universe Where Gorillas Actually Fly In Space.

The Eridanus Supervoid is the largest supervoid (an area of the universe devoid of galaxies) discovered as of 2007. At a diameter of about one billion light years it is much larger than any other known void and represents a challenge for current theories of the origins of the universe to explain. It was discovered by linking a "cold spot" in the cosmic microwave background to an absence of radio galaxies in data of the United States National Radio Astronomy Observatory's Very Large Array Sky Survey. There is some speculation that the void may be due to quantum entanglement between our universe and another

For those of you who forced to listen to your young Troubadour read this post out loud as you're barbecuing tonight's supper, let me put this in simpler terms (knowing that you're only giving your kid half your attention anyway), there is a cosmological theory that states our universe is just one of an infinite number of universes existing in space time.  Think of our universe as one bubble out of billions and trillions of bubbles blown by a the titan of all universe bubble generating machines.  The theory speculates that, at times, these universes come in contact with each other.  This void area in our universe could be evidence that another universe like ours has either come in contact with us or is very close by.  This other universe could be the universe our universe sprang and broke free from.

We live in very interesting times.....

The Imaginarium
What did you do today to make the ordinary, extraordinary?  We know what the Discovery Space Center did.

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