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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Do You Struggle with Relativity? China Launches Three Astronauts Into Space.

Hello Troops,
Do you struggle with relativity?
No, I'm not talking about obnoxious relatives who never quite seem to understand the concept of overstaying their welcome.  I'm talking Einstein and the E=MC2 equation.  I'm talking about light and gravity.  I'm talking about time and speed.  Didn't you know that it is all relative based on the observer?

I'll ask the question once again.  Do you struggle with relativity?
Let me ask another question.  Do you care?  If you answered "No", then you should.  I don't know why you should, you just should.

Let me help you make living with yourself more tolerable.  Let me help you understand universal basics.  Watch this short video and see if your brain doesn't recoil and slap you with a raging migraine just for disturbing its slumber with such mind altering facts.

You may thank me later....

Mr. W.


China Puts Three More Astronauts into Space with Today's Successful Launch of Shenzhou 10

The Chinese successfully launched their fifth manned mission to space and in case you've forgotten, our shuttles are all museum pieces and our astronauts hitch rides on Russian Soyuz rockets. 

China launched its latest manned spacecraft Tuesday on a 15-day mission to practice docking with the country's orbiting laboratory.
Carrying three astronauts, the Shenzhou 10 spacecraft blasted off as scheduled at 5:38 p.m. local time (5:38 a.m. ET) from a launch pad in the Gobi desert. The launch was broadcast live on Chinese state television.
Congratulations poured in from around the world on Twitter as the spacecraft made its way into orbit. "At this very moment, I am sharing the same feeling with everyone," the Xinhua news agency quoted Chinese President Xi Jinping as saying. "I am very happy and excited."  Read More

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Bradyn S said...

I think I understand... but if I tried to explain it, both my tongue and head would hurt with the sheer effort of the definition...