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Sunday, May 1, 2011

And Finally, News

Hello Troops,
Late last night while you slept, Jon Parker and Kyle Jones installed the Phoenix's new 'Transporter'. I stopped at the Center this morning to take a look. I don't know when they finished but they did a great job.

Some of you may be confused by the term 'transporter'. Transporters at the Space Center are those turning black doors you go through to enter one of the simulators. You find them in the Voyager and Odyssey. The Magellan doesn't need one because of their awesome winding hallway. The Galileo has its ramp.

A couple weeks ago I found the Phoenix's new transporter sitting in a state of disrepair on a neighbor's lawn. Its not your typical yard sale item so it caught my eye. I bought it and had Jon and Kyle bring it to the school. Kyle spent a day with it, repairing, cleaning and painting. Finding the time to install the door was the trick. The Center is always busy. The only available time was Saturday evening after the overnight camp and private missions. Kyle and Jon agreed to stay behind and work nonstop until the installation was finished. Great job guys! And once again may I remind you of the awesome people that work and volunteer at the Space Center. It's like the place is a magnet which attracts hard working, imaginative people. I'm privileged to rub shoulders with them and all the better for it.

We are always working on improvements in the Center's five simulators so be sure to sign up for one of our summer camps if you haven't done so. And don't forget the new missions starting June 1. It will be a fun and exciting summer at Space Camp!

Wait, I'm getting a telepathic message from many of you out there (who needs Twitter when you've got telepathy?) wanting me to post a few items from the Imaginarium. Get your thinking caps on and hold tightly. Here is the latest from the Land of Never Ending Dreams...

From the Imaginarium's School of Hard Knocks, A Thought for the Day.

Ever need a bit of privacy on a crowded street or school hallway to make an important call? The CellPhone Box is the answer! It easily folds flat and is always accessible in case of a Privacy Emergency (like when you get a call from your mom checking up to see if you're really at your friend's house studying but you're actually at the mall hanging out). It comes with its own large backpack carrying case guaranteed to be awkward in crowds.

How do you confuse your typically brainless junior high school student? Try this and watch the pileup at the cafeteria door.

Do you see the Cat? How about the mouse? How about the Saturn V Rocket? How about Mr. Williamson in a Superman suit? Look closely........

The real test of your character is what you do when there is no one watching.

Ever have one of those days when you feel you're on the very edge and the slightest wind will carry you over into oblivion?

Oh, and just in case you're wondering, I know for a fact and without any question that this is something I will never do in this life or the life to come..... period. I was one of those people in the control group when Murphy's Law was field tested.

Just looking at this sends my blood pressure soaring?
Be honest, are you one of those people who will go for it anyway and ends up french kissing the fountain? Double gross.

Yes, you're in a world of trouble if you ever wake up and see them at the foot of your bed. I advise you to pinch yourself to see if you're dreaming. If it is a dream, then I suggest you're spending too much time at the Space Center. If it isn't a dream, then tell them you don't know where the droids are.

Have a Great Day Troops,
Mr. W.
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