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Monday, May 9, 2011

Comet Elenin. Our Doomsday Comet?

Hello Troops,

I've had my fair share of emails from concerned readers and others asking me about the newly discovered Comet Elenin. The emails range from the curious to the down right silly. Apparently there is an Internet wide rumor that Elenin will either hit the Earth or cause mass devastation as the Earth passes through its tail and is hit by the remnants.

It is my opinion that these rumors originate from the same pale dark dank basement dwellers who originally penned the last astronomical doomsday rumor of Mars coming so close to the Earth that it will be the size of the Moon in our night sky.

Apparently the arrival of Elenin will ignite the 2012 Doomsday scenario. It will reach the inner solar system and impact Earth with its debris. Shortly thereafter, all who survive will turn to cannibalism in an effort to remain alive in a darkened soot encrusted world.

Let me share the following from a web site who's author has contacts in very high places (in the Delirium) who are in the know, but can't reveal their names because then everyone would know the truth.

Comet Elenin could be the Comet that is mentioned in the Nostradamus quatrains, and it will supposedly shed a quarter of a mile diameter shard that will then impact our planet in the area of the Azores. If this impact occur, it will then cripple much of Europe and the east coast of North America. The entire sequence was originally supposed to begin between August or October of 1999, when the comet is seen by way of an eclipse. But calendars being what they are and our inexact keep of time, the focus is now on Elenin as that mortal messenger. Content of it all is , that if a quarter of a mile (one stadias) comet fragment striking along the mid Atlantic ridge around the Azores it would cause all kinds of problems, including tsunamis, earthquakes, floods and retransmitting pieces of our own planet.
Let me reassure you that everything you may have read or heard about Elenin is false. You may continue to live your life normally. You may continue to love your children for who they are and not the meal they may supply when the Cheerios run out. Do not believe everything you read online. In fact, don't believe 1/10 of what you read online. The world is full of charlatans who make their living feeding off those who prefer fiction to fact in most aspects of their lives.

So are you ready for the truth. Click on this link and take a moment to educate yourself.

Then, when your friend or coworker pulls you aside and tells you they have secret information about impending doom about to rain down upon us from the sky, you'll have the sense to say,

"I know. I know. I know people who know people that know the truth. My family and I are on the short list for the underground shelters. Listen, I like you. I'll tell you what. I can get you on the list but to do it I'll need to grease the palms of several government officials. Bring your life's savings tomorrow. Remember, its your family and if you love them you'll pay anything for their safety. Keep this hush hush now. We can't save everyone."

Have a Great Evening Troops,

Mr. W

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