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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Its a Tipping with Rain Tuesday!

Hello Troops,
If you haven't had the chance to read Julie's post on our missionary flights yesterday please do so. You'll find it posted below. Thank you Julie for writing down your experience. It gets lonely at times being the only one that writes for The Troubadour. A few posts from our other flight directors and volunteers wouldn't go unwelcomed.

The rain is back, falling from dark skies. To brighten everyone's mood I started this post with a picture guaranteed to turn that frown into a smile. Wouldn't it be awesome to see this young lady arrive for a mission in one of our simulators. She seems to be someone that takes FUN with her wherever she goes. This is what I'm talking about when I urge everyone to never let your imagination and sense of joy and wonder dry up with age. Keep it exercised by regular visits to the Space Center and The Imaginarium. Speaking of the Imaginarium. What wonders and quandaries do we have for today?

Anyone for a ride in my Space Capsule? Get it, Space Capsule. Get it???

We all know that one Diet Coke with any meal cuts the calories by half, right? I think its the same science behind the fact that a rusty nail will complete dissolve in a can of Coke overnight (or something to that effect. I'm not really sure but hey, why not?)

True that. Rarely are people compared to dogs or cats. How often though have you been compared to a pig, or called one? Let's change this around and keep pigs as pets and eat our cats and dogs.

And finally, do you see something wrong with this picture? Post a comment.

Now, despite the three days of rain before us, be like grandma and carry the sun with you.

See you soon in the trenches!

Mr. W.
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