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Saturday, May 14, 2011

What's Going on at the Space Center?

This picture was leaked by our secret insider at the Space Center. You are looking at proof positive of the rampant disregard for tradition, part of the culture of the Space Center.

Birthdays in the United States are traditionally celebrated with cake and ice cream. If that tradition isn't written in the Constitution then it should have been. It is the American way, along with apple pie, baseball and Chevrolet. Are these American values cherished at the Space Education Center?

Look closely at the picture above. In this picture taken today, you'll see the Space Center staff celebrating the birthdays of Brittney, Nicole and Rachel. Look at the abomination in Mr. Williamson's hand. Is that a cake? You're looking at candles planted firmly in deviled eggs!

Brittney and Nicole seem to be curiously oblivious to the fact the traditional birthday celebration was disregarded like last month's casserole still in the fridge growing a healthy forest of deadly pathogens. Rachel, on the other hand, seems confused. She hasn't worked long enough at the Space Center to have her values compromised.

Below you see the top drawer of Mr. Williamson and Mrs. Clegg's desk. Look how orderly with a place for everything and everything in its place. BUT does such order reign supreme throughout the Space Cente? The truth is revealed when you close that drawer and open the drawer below.

(Thanks Aleta for cleaning out the desk drawers and organizing everything!)

It is common knowledge secret organizations have secret handshakes accompanied by certain body movements. Examples of which are given below in a series of photographs stolen by our secret undercover agent. These photographs were taken during an initiation ceremony where new recruits were being welcomed into this New World Order bent on restoring Imagination's rightful place on Earth.

This is the double clasp, demonstrated by Jon Parker and Todd Rasband.
(Congratulations Todd on your Voyager Pin!)

This is a photograph of the shake and squeeze. This handshake is a signal to the recipient to make contact with their Space Center handler as soon as possible.
(Congratulations Jaydin on your Year Pin!)

A Shake without Squeeze with thumbs up signifying the receiving of a secret order as demonstrated by Mr. Williamson and Mikayla.
(Congratulations Mikayla on your Year Pin!)

The Shake and Shoulder Touch, demonstrated by Bracken and Tanner.
(Congratulations on your Year Pin Tanner!)

The Shake with Vulcan Pinch as demonstrated by Mr. Williamson and James.
(Congratulations James on your Year Pin!)

The Shake with Calm Hypnosis as demonstrated by Mr. Williamson and Jason.
(Congratulations Jason on your Year Pin!)

After the lesson, those who could demonstrate mastery of the handshakes and bodily movements were celebrated by those in attendance.

Padawon Jaydin is being celebrated for passing all his secret handshakes and body movements by his Master, Rachel.
(Congratulations Jaydin on your Galileo Pin!)

These secret Saturday gatherings give the Order's Leadership an opportunity to honor feats of Imaginary Wonder performed by its members the previous month. In the photograph below Jace is being honored with one such gift.

(Congratulations Jace on your Phoenix Pin!)

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