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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Ode to the Magellan

Hello Troops,
Connor L. wrote this for a school assignment and sent a copy to me. He did a good job and I'd like to share it with you. Thanks Connor!

Mr. W.



The Magellan, her pylons so curved and the Ranger perfectly docked

3 Runabouts on their pads awaiting a call

6 shuttles ready to go to destroy anything leaving the planet

Bridge Take-overs galore

The RNS Invictus, IKS Kel’Tak, USS Mariner, The Tigress and the USS Noble don’t ya know!

Them Toiminals is malfunctionin’ and no one notices hackers everywhere, the Quatermaster asleep in Upper Cargo Bay 1, Deck 7. so please leave him a message

Marie, Abu, Chief Okinowa and Rose soon to be

Guardians on deck 33

Messenger of Truth Runnin’ around

Orion Ambassador and minions all over

Jamalo scribbling, confused

Then there is the Admiral....Assasinated. The Commodore had to take over.

Death Trap is great, Escape is slower, Invasion is fast paced, Operation Revenge interesting always gets good scores, Guardian, there is no rest, for the staff or the crew.

Chuba, Defender Creature and don’t forget the Yuri!

THX, CRM, phasers and torpedoes

Sneakin’ into the Romulan border

Good bye outpost

Into Transwarp

Romulus, Tunneling Device, Orion Fleet many others too devastated by those weapons

Ranger being chased by a Guardian ship, escape shuttle destroyed

Red lights rotating and regular

Safety rules, Uniforms, Away Missions, Bombs in Discovery, hackers a must

Outgoing relay messages, brig control, power regulation for the whole station, just a couple things that make the Maggie Special.

Casm Generators generating them Casms, Auto-Destruct Detonators always ready

Probe cheering, keepin’ pirates as pets, hitting creatures with paper what else?

Kids in recycling bins, stuck under desks what else must I add?

Transwarp ready to go, play and show playing Molossus adds dramatic effect don’t forget to start the sound effect.

Go to stars, Transwarp Overload what else is there do?

Spacequakes, Collision Alert, Incoming Asteroids all the problems we must face

The Noble is activating self destruct! Navigate the Ranger to save the Arizona

The Magellan computer is rapping I’m a Little Teapot. The Magellan is my favorite Place!

----END OF ODE----

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