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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And Now, From the Imaginarium

I call this Tetris at school. A clever use of design and originality on an otherwise boring surface.

This poster is for those of us that have tried unsuccessfully over the years to master chopsticks only to return to the tried and true fork.

The perfect sandwich for school lunches. I guarantee this will not end up in the trash bin with the fruit, vegetables and inedible plastic burritos.

Police harassment once again. Reckless driving at the bumper cars.

And finally, I fast forwarded through the Royal Wedding. My curiosity got the best of me. I'm into all things British having served a mission there and visited the island nation a few times since. I like the pomp and ceremony.

This is the face of one of the bridesmaids. Her consistent scowl was either a reflection of her opinion on the event or her natural neutral expression. Regardless, this adaption of a famous painting captures the young lass perfectly.

Have a Great Day Troops.
Remember to make something ordinary, extraordinary today.

Mr. W.

P.S. Speaking of making something ordinary, extraordinary. What can we do to spice up tonight's dessert?

P.S.S . Speaking of British.....

P.S.S.S. This receives the Imaginarium's Award for Imaginative Excellence in Design and Functionality. I'd like one of these in my home.

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