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Monday, June 6, 2011

The First Day of Camp Season 2011

Hello Troops,
This is the first day of the 2011 Summer Camp Season (insert mental image of fireworks and large crowds of out of control teens storming the front doors of Central Elementary). The staff are getting ready to come to work (insert mental image of staff being mobbed in the parking lot for autographs). The simulators are up to par and our missions wait to be told.

The Newest Portal to the Imaginarium and the Space Center in Logan

Campers, refer back to your Confirmation Forms before coming to camp to find the nearest portal to the Imaginarium and the Space Education Center. I'm happy to announce a new portal has been added in Logan. You'll find this portal in the city park. Look for the large crow (our gatekeeper). Sit on the bench opposite the crow. Ignore the crow if he tries to engage you in conversation. He gets bored. Just sit, nod your head three times and let the crow to the rest.

Now, a few other things from our home here at the Imaginarium for your Monday morning.

Flower gardens, the Imaginarium Way.

I found these at the Optical Shop on Wonder Drive and Imagine Way. They come from
the Rachel Harken Line of Wonderspecs.

Lost, one Paperling. He escaped from the printed page yesterday and is wandering
unsupervised among us.

This is the last photo taken of Grandpa.
(I couldn't resist).

See you in the Trenches!
Mr. W.
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