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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Last Night

Hello Troops,
This is the last night of the first Ultimate Camp of the Summer Season. I came to work Wednesday morning and look forward to leaving Wonderland and the Imaginarium tomorrow late afternoon.

I'm rethinking my exit strategy. Perhaps I'll leave thirty minutes earlier than I normally do to avoid the rush of Imaginarium employees getting off work when we finish a camp. The crowds on the Wonderland Platform were unmanageable last week. I think I'll avoid the unpleasantness by getting away early and catching the mid afternoon express.

I couldn't take the campers swimming yesterday because of gail- force winds and dropping temperatures. White caps were seen on the surface of the swimming pool. No swimming means stinky kids, and that is a problem in close sleeping quarters.

I solved our stinky problem today by organizing a showering expedition for our four day campers at the Pleasant Grove pool. The pool's manager agreed to let our campers use their showers at no charge. What choice did he have? I threatened a sit in in the pool's lobby if my demands were not met. I told him to imagine thirty stinky kids chanting anti administration slogans and preventing anyone from entering the pool. He gulped with understanding.

We left the school for the pool at 3:20 P.M. after our EdVentures Campers went home We got back from showering, shaving and deorderizing at 4:00 P.M. Our clean campers were ready for their next 2.5 hour mission and then their last rotation with the Overnight Campers.

Time for bed.

Mr. W.
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