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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Honors and Glory

Hello Troops,
Yes, this is a post long in coming yet delayed for reasons within my control yet neglected due to procrastination. What can I say? "I'm only human" comes to mind but anyone that knows me would say that statement is debatable.

I start this ramble through memory's thickets with an apology to my staff and volunteers. Don't make me your public enemy number 1 if I forgot the reason for the picture. You are to take pity on a poor soul that is lucky if he forgets to turn off the stove and lock the front door at night.

So, are we ready for this adventure through the Space Center's photo album?

Nate is awarded his Flight Director's Shirt from the Phoenix Set Director (Alex Anderson). Nate is Phoenix Certified for flight. Murphy is his Irish engineer character. His accent is quite believable. It is so believable I find myself craving a nice pint of Guinness when I hear him fly :)

This is Aliah. I believe she is getting her year pin. Great job Aliah for putting up with us for one year.

This is one of our special volunteers. Metta is getting her 10 YEAR PIN!!! The 10 year service club at the Space Center has very few members - Myself, Mark Daymont, Bill Schuler, Lorraine Houston and now Metta Smith.

Mark congratulates Connor for getting his Magellan pin. Great job Connor!

I'm shaking Julia Anna's hand because she just earned her year pin. Julia Anna is
smart and makes a fine good fudge which she shares if you ask kindly with eyes down.

Caitlynn earned her Galileo pin from Ben. Great job Caitlynn.

Morgan is one of our Park City volunteers. She earned her Phoenix Pin.

This is Bronson. Bronson lives in Park City and also earned his Year Pin. Good Job!

Matt lives in Logan. Now that's dedication. Volunteering for him is a day long event with you take travel time to and from Logan into account. I believe Logan is also getting his year pin.

Matt R. is getting his baby blue Programmer's Guild shirt from Alex.

And finally, Brittney is congratulating Jackie for getting her Magellan Pin.
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