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Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Lemonade and Good Company

Hello Troops,
What a week we've had. You read in the previous post how Fortuna had her way with us yesterday with the Voyager's issues, not to mention the day before with the wacky weather. Sometimes I want to climb up on the school's roof, raise my hands to the sky and cry "Enough Already!".

Yesterday Tregan appeared at the bottom of the Voyager's stairs holding a Diet Coke in his outstretched hands. He walked up the steps to where I stood at the Security Station wondering what to do about the shattered plastic. He was like a worshipper at a Greek Temple presenting gifts to the Gods in hopes of favorable attention. It made me chuckle and brightened my mood.

"This is from the staff and volunteers," he said.

Sometimes that's all it takes to turn an ugly situation into something tolerable. It was an act of kindness that was appreciated. Thank you staff and volunteers for the kind thought and thanks for spending your soda pop money on me.

OK, its Sunday and a rainy one at that here in Utah. In the Imaginarium its bright, sunny and warm. So, come on over to my table and enjoy a Lemonade with me while we relax and let our imaginations run amok through space and time. We desperately need a break from the here and now.

Bluntness has its place. So does complete honesty. So does knowing when and where that place and time is. So volunteers and staff, don't be offended if I'm blunt with you at times. I'm only helping readjust your perspective. You'll be the better for it :)
The Magic School bus in the Imaginarium.

One sign wouldn't have scratched the surface of my anger yesterday afternoon. Next time I have a simulator melt down like that I'm renting three large billboards on Interstate 15. Make them digital billboards so I can exclaim my feelings in full, rich and vibrant color.

This is what it feels like to children when they come to the Space Education Center to face the universe's greatest villains and natural phenomena. They become heroes. They save the day. The Space Center is a magical place that hugs and nourishes the imaginations and egos of our little ones.

Stupid people rise to the surface if you let them. Look below for another example.

Really people? Really?
Is Canadian self esteem so desperately low that their national identity is anchored to hockey?
I think Canada would implode in on itself if it ever faced a true national emergency.

And in that mirrored universe physics tells us may be out there.......

I plan on printing several dozen of these and keeping them in my pocket. I'll pull one out, remove the paper backing and apply it to your shirt when you've occupied my attention long enough in a conversation

"Doctor's orders," I'll say as I walk away. I'm sure you'll understand.

They wait for the lunch bell at the Imaginarium's Nearly There Home for Elderly Superheroes and The Confused. On today's menu, Tomato Soup with milk, toast for dipping, tapioca pudding and for dessert - their afternoon pill to help with aching joints.

Another of God's Gifts to Mankind.
All doubters are Condemned by order of the Management.

I want this lamp for my desk and I want it now. Don't keep scrolling down. I said I want this lamp for my desk. Do something about it. You have your orders. Carry them out.
Who said I was easy to please?

There is always something interesting to see in the Imaginarium.

Have you ever wondered if that person staring at you from the park bench or in line at the WalMart may be a time traveller? I sometimes get this overwhelming impulse to walk up to one of them and ask why they've chosen that particular place and time to appear. Could they be waiting for a disaster to strike? Or, perhaps its me they've travelled back in time to study. The thought is prime nourishment for one's ego.

I'm writing my family's history on another blog ( My greatest frustration is coming to a dead end on an ancestral line because no one living at that time in my family kept records or wrote anything about their lives.

Please do your descendants a favor and keep some kind of a journal or diary - even if you think your life is boring and repetitive. One day, your descendants will cherish those writings.

Amen Brother

I need a refill on my lemonade but before I do, I think I'll have a nice lay down and snooze. So if you'll excuse me, I'll be taking my leave.

Have a Great Weekend. I hope to see you all at the Space Education Center soon. Our time in the trenches passes slowly without you.

Mr. Williamson
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