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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Rest and then INCOMING!

Hello Troops,
Our last visitors to the Space Center disembarked the Starships at 6:30 P.M. last night. Today is our day off. Tomorrow our call to duty comes at 10:00 A.M. with private missions. Three day EdVenture and four day Ultimate Campers report for duty at 6:45 P.M. Shortly thereafter we engage the enemy. It will be four great days of flights, classroom work, swimming, chills and thrills.

We had a fantastic group of campers last week. The Flight Directors were happy, the volunteers were happy, our teachers were happy and most importantly - Mrs. Clegg was happy. In fact, she was so happy she donned her Klingon uniform and served our disco lunch in character.

Megan Warner and Matt R. are nearly finished with the Voyager's new medical station. It should be ready for this upcoming camp. The medical station will allow us to take one extra camper per camp. Happy camper and happy Mr. Williamson (more campers means a better balance sheet).

Our camper quote of the week:
7:20 A.M. Friday morning. The boys are slowly streaming into the gym from the Voyager's sleeping quarters with their sleeping bags and pillows. I'm sitting by the gym exit door waiting to send them to breakfast. A campers walks up to me looking worried.

"Mr. Williamson."
"When do we get to spend money?"

These campers never fail to please or surprise me, even after twenty years of running these camps.

The staff and volunteers serenaded me for my birthday on Friday. Thanks everyone for remembering. I've survived 53 rotations around the sun. All but seven of them have been in some kind of school whether it be elementary, secondary, college and twenty nine years of teaching. You'd think I'd have this learning thing out of my system by now.

Shall we enjoy the latest imaginings steaming in through the Imaginarium's Central Control Center. I'm sitting here right now watching the monitors. I'm always amazed by people's creativity and imaginations.

Task: design and build a fountain.
There is the traditional fountain exposing a serious cancer of creativity

Then there is the fountain designed by a student of the imagination.

One Awesome Watch.

Two buttons that tell the truth about politics.

Something for us Dr. Who and Harry Potter hybrids.

Having some imaginary fun with Disney and Potter

Your MisFortune Cookie

Get it? Trix and Illusions? Get it?
I'm lovin it.

And so it is and ever will be.......

See you in the Trenches! Enjoy your summer and remember, no summer is complete without time spend at the Space Center.

Mr. W.
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