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Thursday, June 16, 2011

June's Surprises

Hello Troops,
They say we are in the midst of global warming? If our weather is any indication that our planet is heating up then the scientists are sorely mistaken. The strong northerly winds and dropping temperatures forced me to cancel our camp swimming at the outdoor Pleasant Grove Swimming Pool this evening. That's two weeks in a row cool temperatures forced a change in plans. Last week I had enough warning to arrange a bus and organize a trip to the indoor Orem Rec. Center. This week I relied on the weather report saying it would be 75 degrees today. I don't recall reading about strong winds and the early arrival of a cold front. And that is what I get for rely on the weather forecast and not my own gut instinct. My gut told me to arrange a bus just in case - but I ignored it. My gut told me to call Orem Rec. and make arrangements - but I ignored it.

Other plans had to be imagined and implemented. Thankfully Megan Warner and Jon Parker were on hand, along with other great staff and volunteers, to take the burden off my shoulders. They organized outdoor and indoor games to fill the time void created by canceling our swimming. It went perfectly. Megan has some of the kids outside playing a game she learned while serving an LDS mission to South Korea. Jon had the rest in them in the gym playing dodgeball and similar games.

Our schedule returned to normal after the games. The campers retired to the cafeteria for videos. Now they are tucked into their beds and drifting off to Dreamland.

There are two more days of camps. I get to go home Saturday night. I'm hoping for no more surprises. I long for routine, blessed routine.

Mr. Williamson
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