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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Start to a New Week.

Antonio Rigamortii waits for the call to collect dead imaginations from his shop near the Wonderland Station.
His is the saddest job at the Imaginarium.
Pray you never find Antonio on your doorstep.
Exercise your imagination daily. Put the Extra in the Ordinary.

Hello Troops,
After taking everything into account I'll venture far enough to say that we all enjoyed a good first week in the trenches of the summer season's first camp. Monday night was the first Overnight Camp of the season. All the ships except the Voyager told their new summer missions. The reviews were flattering and the campers generous with praise. I regret not sending regular updates from the Imaginarium. There was always some kind of emergency that needed my attention every time I'd sit down to write.

This week starts with a series of private missions followed on Wednesday with an EdVenture Camp and Overnight Camp. When put together the two separate camps become our first Ultimate Camp. Its a clever way of making a long four day camp by stitching together two regular camps. An original idea from yours truly. I blush in your admiration.

I'm thinking I'll use one of the portals to Wonderland and the Imaginarium tomorrow. I'm not in the mood for an underground subway trek. Saturday's mad rush and the foul temperament of the departing crowd was enough for one week.

This portal into the Imaginarium is handy and nearby. If you're lucky, you'll find a hobbit or two. A friendly "Hello" usually results in an invitation to join them for first and second breakfasts, only if you arrive early enough in the morning.

Here are a few other items showing great imagination.

The receipe for epic tales....... Now the challenge. Write a new Space Center mission using the formula below. Remember the key word is Epic.

Do you join me in this dream of an ideal world?
It begins with you. Never ask that question again.

Ah, the things you see on any given day in the Imaginarium. Just step outside to stretch your legs and in an instant your perceptions of the here and now are challenged.

There are times in life when it's necessary to walk away and take the path less traveled. Such decisions should be made carefully because they can be life changing.

Do you feel the urge to step out of matrix and forge ahead into the Unknown Desert? Changing your way of thinking and questioning what others claim is concrete can, at times, lead to loneliness. It disturbs the status quo, which in turn upsets those that follow the cycle religiously. Stepping away to gain a better understanding of our world and universe is how the mental processes evolve. This evolution takes us one step closer toward learning how to live peacefully with ourselves and with each other. It is raw courage at its best.

If it were only that easy.

A Confession.
One of my true weaknesses.

Finally, an admonition and advice for today only. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

And to the Space Education Center's awesome staff and volunteers,
I'll see you in the trenches.

And to our kind readers. We hope to see you soon at the place where imagination and dreams collide into a practically perfect blend of education and adventure.

Mr. W.
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