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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Screen Shots of the New Galileo Controls

Hello Troops,
One of our Troubadour readers suggested that I put a few screen shots of the Galileo's new Cocoa (Apple's programming language for the iPhone and iPad) simulator controls on the blog for everyone to enjoy. Let it never be said that Mr. Williamson doesn't listen to The Troubadour's regular readers.

Your wish is my command....

Our Programming Guild has been working hard on these new controls for nearly two years. Much of that time was spent learning Cocoa, then came the art work. The biggest hurdle the Guild faced was the ...... ah.......ummm????.......ah .... the server....gizzmo thing that sends out the ah... things.... to the ....... Anyway, I'm sure you understand what I mean from that brilliant description provided.

So, with drums rolling and trumpets blaring I present a few shots of the Galileo's Cocoa Controls written for touch screen.
A hush has fallen over the Imaginarium as the congregants sit and wait for the red velvet curtain to rise.
The trumpets have stopped.
Amazing pyrotechnics are lighting the hall.
The Space Center has spared no expense in the unveiling of these new controls.

Now three large booms and darkness. The hall is completely dark. A spotlight has appeared, focused on the exact center of the curtain. The curtain is rising.

I can't see very well from where I'm sitting but I'm hearing gasps. Now I can see the controls for myself! I'm enveloped in thunderous applause. Paramedics are rushing to the front of the hall. I'm told there is a problem with minor fainting from those closest to the stage).

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