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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Post from the Past. A Report on the Third Overnight Mission of the 2000 Summer Season. June 13, 2000. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space EdVenturers!
This is another of those wonderful posts gleaned from my first Space Center blog.  This post comes from June 13, 2000.  It is a report on the third overnight camp of the summer season for that year.
This was the date of the first telling of the Galileo story Maximus among other things.
Enjoy this trip down memory lane....
Mr. W.

Hello Voyagers!

OV3 just ended and this is my final report. By the way, the reason i'm doing these reports is to have some kind of history of the Space Center. Up to this point there has been no written history of the Center or of the people that have worked here. These postings will provide the basis of a future history of the Center to go with the School's history section in the library plus also give you the chance to keep updated on happenings.

The flight got off to a very late start. Traffic problems from SLC for several of the group. Other than that pretty normal.
Highlights of the flight:

1. This was the maiden flight for the Galileo summer story "Maximus". The Galileo staff reports success except for all the other ship's staff that kept coming around the Galileo snooping to see how things were going. I had to issue a decree that anyone that disturbed the Galileo in flight should be bound and gagged and left in the damp cold fallout shelter of the school to become rat's meat.  As for the reviews...... excellent. We have another winner. The only simulators left to do new missions are the Voyager and the Odyssey. Both sims debut their new missions on Thursday for the 48 hour camp.

2. Sleep. Aw sleep. This was in short supply for yours truly on this mission. Every 45 minutes or so one of our campers would disturb my sleep by stating his great need for the toilet. When questioned about why so ofter he replied, "I'm looking for my Captain." I wondered why he thought his captain would be hanging out in the toilets at 3:00 A.M. but upon questioning I realized I was dealing with a sleepwalker - the nightmare of the Space Center! Almost as bad as vomitteers. After the 4th time of being woken up by a body standing next to me and wandering out into the halls I decided to follow and "wake" the child up. I found him in the toilet standing there still insisting he was looking for his captain. I asked him what was wrong. He said that there was a problem with his sleeping bag. Everytime he got in it he would get these headaches. He rubbed his temples as he spoke. I backed up a little. "Very bad headaches," he insisted as he look at me with bloodshot eyes. 

Another sleep issue are the cheap cots I purchased trying to save a little $$$. They make so much noise that the kids sleeping on them roll off and prefer the floor. Another of life's lessons I've failed to learn: "You get what you pay for!"

3. The Magellan told its new story for the second time. They also scored very well but the staff were disappointed that there was no big cheer when the rescue ship arrived to save their bacon. 

4. The Voyager had nothing unusual to report except to say that the kids enjoyed Allan's pointed Romulan ears.

5. The Falcon had an interesting occurrence. Tuesday A.M. one of their patrons was found to be a vomitteer. He deposited his breakfast in the dome's accessway. Ah, the smell of fresh vomit to bring fond memories of a visit to Mars.

Oh, I forgot to mention the hole in the Magellan's Bridge wall made by a volunteer who lost his footing. Ah well, what to expect from a starbase that can handle the impact of many torpedoes but not the head of one of our elite volunteers. I say load him in a torpedo and launch. That skull should be able to penetrate any surface!

All the best my friends.
Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium

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